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Document Management
Distribution List
Record the details of all project stakeholders accessing this document.
Name Position Signature Date
Version Control
Record all approved changes to this document.
Revision # Change Description Approval Date Author

Project Registration
Project Name
Record the project name in a way that clearly communicates what it is about.
Project #
Record a unique identifier for the project that enables appropriate referencing.
Creation Date
Record the date the project was proposed.
Record the name and contact details of the project sponsor/client.
Project Manager
Record the name and contact details of the project manager.
Executive Summary
1 Rationale
Record a summary of the history and justification for the project.
2 Business Drivers
Record the organisational driver/context for the project.
3 Justification Criteria
Record which of the following investment criteria are being used to support the project. More than one may be applicable.
• Customer
Value • Regulated Compliance • Improved
Capacity • Efficiency
• Investment
Return • Organisational Impact • Strategic Alignment • Operating Necessity
• Executive
Directive • Profit
Growth • Product
Extension • Other
4 Proposed Solution
Record what the sponsor/client and or other stakeholders have agreed to.
5 Options Evaluated
Record all other proposals, options and or alternatives considered, but discarded. Include any criteria used in making these decisions.
6 Key Objectives
Please record the measurable SMART objectives that have been identified with this project.
7 Priority Status
Record the priority status for the project.

• Critical • Urgent • Important • On-hold
8 Benefits
Record the identified benefits that will be measured throughout and or after the project.
9 Impacts
Record how the project will impact business activity, organisational capability and or processes.
10 Stakeholders
Record the details (role, responsibility, information needs, communication strategies …) of all stakeholders either influencing and/or being impacted by the project.
Project Scope
11 Deliverables
Record the key process and/or output (as built) deliverables required throughout the project.
12 Inclusions
Record what will be (explicitly) included in the specification for the project.
13 Exclusions
Record what will be (explicitly) excluded in the specification for the project.
14 Milestones
Record all key milestones and or deadlines due throughout the project
15 Indicative Schedule
Record the information supporting the start and finish timeline for the project.
16 Indicative Budget
Record the information supporting the budget.
17 Indicative Resource Capability
Record the information supporting the resources (including calculations, confidence, constraints and contingencies) for the project.
Issues and Obstacles
18 Constraints
Record all constraints that will restrict the performance and delivery of the project.
19 Assumptions
Record all assumptions (accepted as correct) that will impact the performance and delivery of the project.
20 Potential Issues
Record all potential issues impacting the performance and delivery of the project.
21 Dependencies
Record all related and or inter-dependent projects impacting the performance and delivery of the project.
22 Risk
Record all internal and external sources of risk impacting the performance and delivery of the project.
23 Recommendation
Record the recommendation being presented for approval.
24 Approval
Record the decision that has been made on the project.
• Approved • Postponed • Cancelled • Review
25 Sign off
Record the name, signature and date of all appropriate stakeholders (sponsor/client, project manager, project steering group …) signing this document.
26 Appendices
Record the details of any other information and or documentation supporting the project.

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