Recent Question/Assignment

Group Assignment: In groups of 4 students must:
• Select an international business or company and write a formal business report on the organisation’s
“Communication and E-Communication” strategies.
• The nominated company must be approved by your lecturer. Each group must do their report on a different company. This will be approved on a ‘first-come first-serve’ basis.
• You will be required to perform academic research on the nominated company to identify and assess the effectiveness of its current “Communication and ECommunication” strategies.
Therefore your business report must include the following sections:
o Title Page o Executive Summary o Brief Introduction and Background o Section 1: Synopsis of the key non-electronic communication methods and practices that the company uses to engage customers, suppliers, staff members and the public.
o Section 2: Overview of the key electronic media and communication strategies used by the company, including websites, social media and electronic platforms.
o Section 3: Perform a SWOT Analysis on the company’s overall communication methods and practices, and describe your findings.
o Section 4: Assess and compare the communication practices of the company’s 2 main competitors
o Section 5: Provide an assessment of your suggestions and recommendations for how the company can improve its communication
o Conclusion o Reference List (10 – 15 references) o Appendix (if required)
Further details will be made available on Blackboard.
Group Presentation
Group presentation on the report. Presentation to be maximum of 10 minutes long and also the include use of PowerPoint slides.