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Using the given table/relation, do the following:
1. Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies in the relation
2. Decompose the following table into a set of 3NF relations
3. Draw a relational schema for your 3NF relations and show the referential integrity constraints
4. Manually drawing the dependency diagrams is not acceptable.
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101 Alana Fredrick 54A 36 9:00 ITC114 Mon Computing
102 George Edwards 22 28 9:00 ITC333 Mon Computing
103 Lilly Nelly 59 38 12:30 BUS350 Tues Business
104 Eddy Brown 53 30 12:30 ITC114 Thurs Computing
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105 Sam Wang 22 28 4:00 ITC556 Tues Computing
106 Yifeng Chong 58 38 9:00 ITC556 Thurs Computing
The assignment is to be presented as a Word document, however you can do the dependency diagrams in any other software (PowerPoint is ok) but need to do a screen shot and place in the Word document - you need to do this for each NF level.

You need to follow the exact steps as shown in the slides from chapter 6 on normalisation: that is, you have to show 1NF, then 2NF and take it to 3NF.

You need to indicate the type of dependencies, and show the normalisation process as you resolve at each NF

You need to produce a final ERD after normalising. This may be done in Workbench, or in any other software

Hope the above notes are clear and helpful.

If you are still not too confident with normalisation, please make sure to attend some PASS to do some more practice.

For any further questions, please email your teacher.

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