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Tutor Marked Assignment for the
Diploma in Marine Surveying FLP2524
Modules Eight, Nine and Ten.
1. Explain why a positive displacement pump should not be run against a closed system and why a centrifugal pump can be. Discuss the reasons for your answer. (10%).
2. Explain the term pump head (2%)
3. Explain the term pump capacity (2%)
4. Explain the purpose of pump curves. (6%)
5. Discuss four safety risks associated with 30 Bar Engine Air Starting systems and describe three safety devices which may be incorporated into such systems, including details of the inspections of these systems which you would perform as a surveyor. (20%)
6. Detail the tests which you would expect to witness during an annual survey of a 7 Bar Auxiliary Steam Boiler. (15%).
7. You have been instructed to carry out a condition survey for a handy size bulker, suffering from heavy weather damage resulting in the partial flooding of No,1 hold, list the following:
o the structural items you would check and the form of damage you would look for on the No 1 hatch coamings and No 1 hatch covers (15%)
o the structural items you would check and the form of damage you would look for in the No 1
cargo hold side shell structure, transverse bulkheads structure and upper wing tanks structure. (15%)
8. The International Ship and Ports Faculty Security Code (ISPS Code) defines three security levels. In your own words describe the scenario required for each level to be set by an internationally trading ship. (15%)
A note from the Course Director. Please remain mindful of the matter of plagiarism and how to avoid this. Reference is made to the Academic Course Handbook Part 4.

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