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Assessment 2: Develop Strategic Operational Plan
Assessment Overview:
Develop a 12-18 month operational plan for an established or created fashion business. The operational plan for the business may be focused on design and product development or on buyer and retail operations.
All objectives and specific goals of the business must be identified within a commercial framework, utilizing real-life lead times and deadlines.
The critical path for each specific goal must be investigated with all resources identified in order to reach the strategic plan of the business.
Assignment instructions:
Develop a 12-18 month operational plan (see Tuesday Operational Plan example) for your chosen fashion business, identifying the specific goals and objectives for the business to reach its desired outcome.
Include a separate report of 1000 words analyzing the business structure and the strategic plan for the business’s objective.
This plan could be included in a business plan for future proposals and organisation.
Liaise with your lecturer regarding the choice of a fashion business for analysis. The business or company may be real or fictitious. The business may have a focus on design and product development, or a focus on research, buying and retail. However your choice of business must reflect an element of the field outside the focus of the business. For example if your business has a product development focus, you should include a small percentage of sourcing and buying of accessory product. If your main focus is the sourcing, buying and retail of product, include a small percentage of the business’s own product story.
Marking criteria:
Submission information:
- Meet the required word count of 1000 words (+/-) 10%
- Size 12 Arial Font
- 1.5 line spacing and margins of 2.5cm
- Numbered headings
- Page numbers
- Contents page
- Use appropriate academic language including APA referencing.
- Include a minimum of 6 references from varied sources (including textbooks, journals, case studies, magazines, the Internet, utilise various library databases, etc.).
- Do not include images or graphics for interest only; they must contribute to the discussion and critique of the topic