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Assessment 2: Profile your Clients Characteristics
Assessment Overview:
By understanding and documenting who your ideal client is you will be able to better market to and reach your market audience. Who is your ideal client, where are they and how are you going to reach them?
Assignment instructions:
Develop a profile of your ideal client. Choose a product that will have a future in Australia market. Identify the possible gaps in the market or the opportunities for your product. Describe how you are going to use online technologies to reach your client.
Define your ideal client:
1. Who is your client?
1.1. Who are they?
1.2. Where are they?
1.3. Why will they buy your product?
1.4. When will they buy your product?
1.5. How will they buy your product?
2. How dense is the competition for this client online?
2.1. Who are your competitors online?
2.2. What is your unique selling proposition?
2.3. What gap have you identified?
3. What are you going to use?
3.1. What media are you going to use to reach your client?
Marking criteria:
You will be assessed on the following requirements:
Who is your client? 15%
How dense is the competition? 7.5%
What are you going to use? 7.5%
Submission information:
- The assessment should be the equivalent of 1000 words in length.
- Electronic assignments can have links to external websites, resources or examples. However, all links must be tested before submitting your assignment.
- Work is to be submitted electronically and each page should be identified with the student’s name and student identification number.