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Assessment 2: Research Project : American Apparel
1. Assignment instructions:
American Apparel a fashion business that folded, is in receivership or for some reason has been financially unsuccessful. The company will be researched and analysed, and the cause of their failure discussed.
Analysing different aspects of the company including:
- SWOT analysis
- Financial estimates
- Competitors.
Your report should contain an estimated Profit and Loss Statement, which will allow you to highlight key problem areas of the company.
2. Marking criteria:
You will be assessed on the following requirements:
SWOT analysis
Company research: Financial data (including P&L estimate), sales and marketing strategies.
Analysis and evaluation: What went wrong with the business? Could it have been avoided, what would you do differently? Where have, their competitors succeeded?
Report conclusion with key points highlighted.
3. Submission information:
- The assessment should be 1000 words in length (+/-) 10%.
- Each page should be identified with the student’s name and student identification number.
- This is a formal written academic assessment. As such, it must be structured in an appropriate format that both conveys the topic of discussion and reflects what is being discussed.
- COMPETITORS (Forever21, H&M, Urban out etc.)

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