Recent Question/Assignment

Organise your work in the form of an e-poster using one PowerPoint slide.
You must include a heading, text, images, diagrams and you can also choose to include a relevant video link.
Choose a layout and design that makes your e-poster easy to read and attractive to look at. You can use bullet points and more than one text box and the word count should be from 200 — 300 words.
Reference your sources (including images and videos) using UTS Harvard-style referencing both in-text and a reference list in a text box in the bottom right hand corner of your poster.
You should use only 2 or 3 carefully chosen references.
Use the link below to take you to the referencing guide at UTS Library online.
Showcase your e-poster to your peers as part of an in-class digital display. You will be graded on your e-poster, your introductory talk and your completed worksheet.
You must be in class to receive a grade for the talk and worksheet component.
Submission Details: In-class showcase — Due Week 7 in your regular workshop time. Submit your e-poster through Turnitin via the link at UTS Online.