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Title: 2. Interview Report
Type: Assignment - Practice-based Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 6
Due Date:
23 Apr 17 09:00 Week 8
Weight: 40%
Marked out of: 100
Task Description:
Students will undertake an interview with a person working in a healthcare system leadership role and prepare a report (2,000 words) on the outcomes of that interview in line with learning module material in the course.
Students will compare and contrast information from the interview with learning in the course, literature reviewed and your own views and opinions.
Details on the organisation; contact with interviewees; and the assignment question will be found on the course site in Learning@Griffith.
Criteria & Marking:
Marking criteria and mark allocations are based on the following:
? Information, analysis and presentation of findings from interview
? Critical evaluation and relevance of discussion
? Organisation, structure and presentation of report
? Use of literature in presentation or findings and report
Students who do not pass the Interview Report assignment may resubmit the assignment within one week via the assignment portal on the course site.
Submission: The assignment is only submitted through the SafeAssign port provided through the course site in Learning@Griffith. Assignments cannot be submitted through any other method. Details for assignment submission are found on the course site in Learning@Griffith.
This assessment item:
? is a school based activity
? is an individual activity
? does not include a self assessment activity
? may be available for resubmission (see conditions outlined in Resubmission)

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