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8741 -­- Introduction to Network Engineering Group Project
The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model has served as the most basic elements of computer networking since the inception in 1984. The original objective of the OSI model was to provide a set of design standards for equipment manufacturers so they could communicate with each other. It defines a hierarchical architecture that logically partitions the functions required to support system-­-to-­-system communication. The OSI model has seven layers, each of which has a different level of abstraction and performs a well-­-defined function.
Despite the longevity of the OSI model, the conception of the OSI model has changed over the years. Some layers have been added, and some don’t seem to be getting used very much. To make matters worse, the Internet’s evolution, based on TCP/IP, never strictly followed the old OSI model at all.
Task : Design a simplified network architecture to replace the 30 year old outdated traditional seven-­-layer model.
Groups : This is a group based research project. Each group must have three members (under extreme circumstances you may have two or four members). All group members must participate in this group research activity.
Method : You must familiarize yourself with the current literature published under the above topic. Therefore, you must first perform a literature survey. Next, you may proceed with the designing of your novel architecture (the new model). Finally, a justification for your design must be provided (why you did this?).
Report: The report must be prepared in a professional format. The final report must not exceed 6 pages and must include at least 10 references.
Due : 28 th May 2017

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