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Research Essays for Organisational Behaviour
Assessment Type: Research Essay – individual assessment. 1500 (+/- 10%) words in essay format.
The word count excludes the cover sheet, contents page, references, appendices, and illustrations (e.g. diagrams, graphs and tables)
Purpose: To allow students to research organisational behaviour theory and to enable students to examine and critically analyse one aspect of organisational behaviour in depth.
Students will also develop an understanding of some of the activities that make up scholarly research and to see the way in which knowledge is built gradually.
Topic: A current issue in Organisational Behaviour.
Task Details: Students are required to analyse a range of literature in relation to the given topic.
Following the analysis, students will be required to make supported recommendations to answer the question posed. Students need to apply their own interpretation and judgement to the question, based on approved and valid research. Students who simply regurgitate
Research Essay – 30%
Length: 1500 words (10% leeway)
All students are required required to develop an arguable proposition on which to write an essay. Your paper should be presented in standard academic essay format. The format must be in 12pt font and 1.5 spaced.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop/improve skills in writing, analysis, and argumentation in addition to adding to the depth of understanding about organizational behavior in the workplace.
You will be assessed on the quality of sources of information, how well you use these resources to support your arguments and your referencing skills. You are expected to use at least eight (8) different peer-reviewed journals. The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia is not allowed. Use of Wikipedia may result in a fail grade in this essay. You must use the HARVARD referencing system to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text and as a reference list at the end).
Learning Outcomes Targeted:
Outcome a) Explain how theories of organisational behaviour may be applied in an organisational setting.
Outcome b) Evaluate potential organisational problem situations and formulate proactive managerial interventions, with special sensitivity to cultural, ethical and social concerns.
Outcome c) Locate relevant research and compare and critique the findings on current developments in organisational behaviour
In the process of recruiting and selecting employees, managers are concerned with the personality of the people they wish to place in positions in the organisation. Explain why personality is so important in matching people to jobs. Use theories and concepts from the subjects and examples to illustrate your points.

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