Recent Question/Assignment

University of Wollongong ISIT302/MTS9302
Autumn Session 2017: Essay
(Individual Work – 10% of subject marks)
Part 1.
• Type of Assessment: Individual
• Word Limit: max. 2500 words (excluding reference list]
You have been asked to contribute an essay to a special issue of a management journal. The themeof the special issue is “Corporate Network Management – where is the business case?” Your task isto write an essay that uses evidence to argue that corporate network management contributes topositive or negative business outcomes. You must cite three or more documented examples of thisfrom academic, popular press or grey literature.
When looking for references aim to draw evidence from all three sources (academic, popular andgrey literature). For an academic essay you must cite evidence from the academic literature so aselection of academic references (at least three) should place your essay on a solid foundation.
Why have I set this assessment for you?
It is important for you to understand where and how corporate network management fits within acommercial business operation.