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Assignment 2 Ethical analysis of news issue
Due: 21 April 2017 11.00 PM
Length: 1500 words maximum
Weighting: 30%
Submission: You must follow the same instructions as for assignment 1. Remember that an assignment which has a Turnitin Originality Report which shows a text match of more than 10% is not considered submitted and will not be accepted.
You are required to select an ethical issue which has been reported in the news media in the past 12 months. Collect one recent (2016 or 2017) news article which identifies the issue, and perform further research to collect relevant background information and facts, to enable you to answer each question listed below.
This ethical issue must be different from the issue which you analysed in Assignment 1.
You must provide a full reference for all sources of information you have used to inform your research. Provide separate answers to each of parts ‘a to e’ of this assessment under separate sections:
a. Clearly define the ethical question/problem and provide a brief explanation as to why it is important. (3 marks)
b. Identify facts and key assumptions which are relevant to your analysis of the ethical problem. (6 marks)
c. Analyse the ethical problem using act utilitarianism, identifying all relevant consequences. Compare negative versus positive consequences and assess whether net utility will rise or fall as a result of the ethical act being examined. (8 marks)
d. Apply Kant’s categorical imperative by defining the rule that authorises the act central to the ethical problem you have chosen. Discuss whether this rule can be applied universally. (8 marks)
e. Provide a conclusion comparing results in parts c & d above identifying whether your ethical conclusion equates with your conscience with regards this problem. (5 marks)
You do not need to provide a copy of the news article but you must provide full references of all articles and other sources you have used to inform your ethical analysis.

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