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Assignment task, key instructions and marking criteria
This assessment task requires you to analyze the -marketing and competitive environment- of a University brand in Australia. There are some key instructions for this piece of assessment task. The marking criteria is also outlined in the unit profile. Please download and read the unit profile carefully.
Assessment format
Read the instructions and marking criteria - available in the unit profile,
Task 2 follows a report style,
Page 1 will be your title page - assessment task no, your name and id, tutor name, coordinator name etc.,
Page 2 should contain executive summary,
Page 3 should contain a table of contents for your report,
The next few pages should contain your assessment of marketing and competitive environment (please see the Moodle pages and textbook for examples, and marking criteria for the main contents), and
The final page should contain all references following APA citation style..
Individual Written Task - 2:
This assessment task requires you to analyze the -marketing and competitive environment- of a University brand (such as -CQUniversity- etc.) in Australia. Consider that you are a marketing manager of one such University in Australia. The analysis of the marketing and competitive environment should include (but is not limited to): background, market summary, and demand assessment, segmentation & target market, current marketing mix analysis [including current offer (product/service), distribution, promotion, and price], PEST analysis, competitor analysis of a close competitor/competing brand), SWOT analysis, and value & brand positioning analyses.
The word limit for this report is 1500, excluding abstract or executive summary and references.
It is expected that the report will be based on research findings, including data and information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Austrade, relevant and authentic Websites, textbooks, recent (i.e., 2012-2017) and relevant journal papers, personal experience and observation.
This report requires students to demonstrate an understanding of relevant concepts, theories, tools, and models covered up to week 5 (at a minimum level).
You need to follow similar examples that are available in your textbook, Moodle site and/or on the Web.
You are strongly suggested to attend the lecture, tutorial, and online discussion sessions.
Each assessment must be uploaded as a .doc or .docx file (word file).
The -Turnitin- matching rate must not exceed 30%. The unit coordinator in consultation with the Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching (DDLT) will decide about the nature of a penalty for a greater than 30% matching rate.
Please familiarize yourself with the policies, such as assessment extension, late submission penalty and the like.
If you have any difficulty, please discuss this with your lecturer/tutor and unit coordinator.
Assessment Criteria
Title page, table of contents and abstract: 2 marks
Background: 4 marks
Market summary and demand assessment: 4 marks
Segmentation and target market: 4 marks
Current marketing mix analyses: 4 marks
PEST analyses: 4 marks
Competitor analyses: 4 marks
SWOT analyses: 4 marks
Value and brand positioning analyses: 4 marks
Conclusion: 2 marks
Citation, language, format and references: 4 marks