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Assessment 3: Report
Due date No later than 10 April, 12 noon
Weighting 50%
Type Individual Report
Length: 3000 words (and you can put facts in the Appendix where needed)
Submission Upload to Blackboard [instructions will be provided] an electronic file named Report, your family name, initials and student ID (e.g.
Requirements Compare the extent to which Sealord, Sanford and Talleys are responsible (in terms of sustainability) with regard to the needs of all stakeholders.
Component 1: Stakeholder Interests-Provide an introduction to the organisations, carefully describing all stakeholders of these companies and
their interests (in terms of sustainability) (e.g. the owners, fish, the employees etc.) [This could be a table]
Component 2: Information Provided-Discuss the scope (the amount of information) and quality of information made available by each of the above three corporations in relation to sustainability concerns of the various stakeholders [e.g. compare what they say about themselves to what others say about them-look at their website, sustainability reports, other media commentary]
Component 3: Systems Approach-Outline your understanding of some relevant NZ / international government policies (e.g. the fisheries act, quotas, monitoring, minimum wage, sailing under foreign flags etc.). To what extent do and don’t these encourage a systems approach to sustainability?
Component 4: First, Second & Third-Using some of the models and concepts of your readings develop criteria for determining how responsible an organisation is with regards to all its stakeholders. Briefly explain why these criteria are important/why you have chosen these.
Rank from 1-3 who you think is most responsible and briefly explain your ranking.
Component 5: In conclusion, explain your suggestions for improvement in responsibility to all stakeholders for each of the three corporations above.
learning goals This assessment is covering the following of the MBA Learning goals:
• Be self-aware, critically reflective leaders
• Be knowledgeable practitioners, globally aware and engaged with business
• Be ethical, responsible business practitioners
• Be effective communicators
• Be strategic decision-makers
Paper learning outcomes This assessment event measures paper learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 stated above in 3.3.