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Assessment item 1
Assignment 1: Heuristic Evaluation Value: 10%
Due date: 19-Mar-2017
Return date: 10-Apr-2017
Submission method options Alternative submission method
You are to create a blog on the subject Interact site that addresses the following two (2) related areas:

Firstly, research the usability principles that can be used to evaluate user interfaces and compare two sets of heuristic rules;

You may consider the following existing heuristics :
1. Norman’s Usability guidelines ( ),
2. Tognazzini’s Principles of Interaction Design ( ),
3. Schneiderman’s golden rules ( idermans-eight-golden-rules-of-interface-design
( ), or
4. Selway’s Ten Principles of Simplicity ( plicity ( ).
Secondly, you are to find a museum web site. First go to different pages of the web site that provides various details. Then, without proceeding fully through to payment, attempt to purchase tickets online to visit the museum in a future date. Use one set of the usability principles you chose for the first part of this assignment, to evaluate the customer experience of booking a room on this site.

This assignment covers the following learning outcomes for this subject:
Be able to list and explain the importance of the Principles of Design in HCI;
Be able to explain the importance of Usability in interface design;
Be able to list and apply the major Usability guidelines to an interface design
Be able to create a design for an interface using the Principles of Design;
Marking criteria
Research and determine a set of heuristic usability principles, justifying the choice made - 40 marks
Appropriately apply the chosen usability principles to the evaluation of booking a room through an online portal - 60 marks
Deduct marks for poor spelling and grammar - up to -5 marks
Deduct marks for incorrect or no APA referencing - up to -5 marks
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Presentation, Up to 5 marks may be deducted for poor presentation, spelling and grammar

Submit your assignment in MS Word format.
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.