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Assessment 2: Written Assessment
Weighting: 40%
Word count: There is a word limit of 750 words plus poster. Use your computer to total the number of words used in your assignment. However, do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count. In-text citations will be included in the additional 10% word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking at 750 words plus 10%.
Due Date: Monday 10th April 2017 by 1700hrs (Week 8)
(Electronic submission through Turnitin)
Marking Criteria and Standards See Page 15
Submission details refer to Submission Requirements (p.21)
Aim of assessment
The aim of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the application of PHC concepts and health promotion practice with particular reference to the health of Indigenous Australians.
Learning outcomes 4, 5, 6 and 7 are targeted in this assessment.
A video concerning an Australian Indigenous community’s health project will be used as a trigger for students to respond to 3 written questions about the Social Determinants of Health and the Principles of Primary Health Care. Students will also create a poster relating to primary health and health promotion for an Australian Indigenous community.
In order to complete the assessment you will:
1. Watch the video on the vUWS site a few times so that you can become familiar with the content. This video will provide the background and examples for the three written questions.
2. Review the relevant chapter and additional on-line learning materials in the vUWS Assessment folder. These resources should help you reflect on what you have learnt about the health of Indigenous Australians and factors influencing their health.
3. Write your answers to the 3 set questions, listed in the marking criteria below, making sure to include examples from the video where prompted, and drawing on the models of Social Determinants of Health and Principles of Primary Health Care from the textbook.
a. Please write your answers in question-answer format NOT essay format i.e. number your answer to each question.
b. Answers to questions 1-3 will have a maximum word limit that will total 750 words.
4. Create a health promotion poster for one health care issue for Australian Indigenous communities mentioned in the textbook. Your poster should be highly visual and have a clear central message to the intended audience.
a. The poster does not contribute to your word limit.
5. Write an explanation of your poster as a short paragraph. This should include who it is in the community the poster is targeted to and the background of the health issue selected. Your paragraph should refer to at least one of the provided sources in the vUWS Assessment folder for support.
a. This paragraph should be approximately 50 words in length.
b. Include this explanation at the end of your answers to the 3 set questions in the same document.
6. Include a reference list that covers your answers to the 3 set questions, the video and the explanation of your poster. Make sure to follow APA 6th referencing style for the reference list. If your poster includes images from other sources, you should create a separate heading for ‘Poster Reference List’, and list the source of each of the images.
See the Library’s Referencing and Citation Guide for instructions on how to reference an image:
• Note that the assessment will be scored out of a possible 80 marks. As Assessment 2 is weighted at 40%, your mark will be adjusted accordingly.
• Your submission to Turnitin should include ALL of the following o responses to the 3 questions o the paragraph explanation of the poster o the reference list/s, AND o the poster
Access to the video and assessment questions and detailed assessment instructions is via the
PHC in Action vUWS site, click on the “assessment tab” and then open “Assessment 2: written assessment”
i. Examples may be available on the vUWS site. ii. There are a number of textbooks and resources available through the Western Sydney University Library that may assist you. Please refer to the unit’s vUWS site for specific unit resources.
Assessment 2: Assessment questions
Question 1:
Explain why education is a social determinants of health (in general and not specific to the video).
(Approximately 150 words)
10 marks
Question 2:
Using relevant examples from the video, outline at least 2 other social determinants of health of health that influenced health outcomes for the children attending school.
(approximately 300 words)
20 marks
Question 3:
Using relevant examples from the video, explain how at least 2 primary health care principles guided the project in the video.
(300 words)
20 marks
The health promotion poster is a common component of most health promotion programs.
Design and create a culturally sensitive health promotion poster that promotes a simple central message or 'call to action' for one health issue in contemporary Indigenous Australians.
Write a paragraph of approximately 50 words to explain the target audience and describe the background of the health issue. Use the sources provided in the vUWS assessment folder to support your explanation.
10 marks