Recent Question/Assignment

Choose an Australian company or industry. Analyse the economic impacts (either positive or negative) that the election of Donald Trump as US President will have on this company or industry. Be sure to utilise at least three economic theories studied within the first four weeks of lectures, and to access primary data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to support your analyses.
It is expected that the Essay will provide highly detailed economic arguments and any appropriate explanatory diagrams. Marks will be awarded for reasoned explanations and arguments based upon economic analysis, not for rewriting business and economic commentary.
The assignment must incorporate the following:
• suggestions or advice to the stakeholders as to how to deal with the issues and problems identified.
Note for the expert.
The company has been choosen that is
Wilmar sugar industries
Just give the answer of above question that is. Suggestion or advice to the stakeholders.
300 to 400 words