Recent Question/Assignment

Project question:
Design two equipment, one is to apply simple shear and the other one to apply biaxial compression to a spinal cartilage (intervertebral disc).
Aims and scopes of the project:
- Is to design a simple shear and a biaxial compression equipment to a spinal cartilage.
- Apply mechanical engineering knowledge in a real life situation.
What we expect from you:
- Diagnose challenges in a project within professional practice and formulate a strategy to
- create and implement a solution.
- Engage in complex decision informed by depth and breadth of critical inquiry.
- Mana yourself in a professional manner to complete a project, including engaging in
respectful and productive interactions with others.
- Critically analyse, synthesise, formulate and communicate arguments through thorough
- exploration of a professional field.
1. Design two equipment, one is to apply simple shear and the other one to apply biaxial compression to a spinal cartilage (intervertebral disc).
This will be done through writing two main reports in a professional way:
- The first report which is due on the 28th of April 2017:
The first report (Due 28th of April)
- In this report you should show your full and extended explanation of the design of the TWO EQUIPMENT in a professional way. Meaning that you need to design them from scratch (or develop a previous design) and you have to show how they will work. You NEED to show that, based on your mechanical engineering knowledge. This means you will need to use your mechanical engineering concepts during the last 4 years to design the two equipment. You will also NEED to use some softwares to support and to illustrate your design such as (FEA, BENDING MOMENTS, CAD). BENDING MOMENTS diagrams and other important diagrams are also required. Stress analysis and other main concepts are required to be mentioned on your design. Please remember that they have to be supporting a continues loads. This means I want to be able to increase/decrease the weights to study the microstructural changes of the (spinal cartilage) at different (simple shear) and (biaxial compression) loads. State all assumptions.
- NOTE 0: Remember, they are two different equipment.
- NOTE 1: Stating your designs without deep/strong explanations/illustrations will get you a grade of ZERO.
- NOTE 2: Your 2 designs do not have to complex!
- NOTE3: Please use references whenever you take something from The internet or from text BOOKS. Remember copying from the internet/books will result in a grade of ZERO. Also remember STEALING someone’s proposed design will also get you a grade of ZERO.
- NOTE 4: You need to structure your report as follows:
1. Project introduction: What is the purpose of the project, why is it needed?
2. Prior work - What has been done before? (be very brief - just the most relevant work to help provide a context for the project).
3. Project definition: What was the question addressed, scope of investigation, approach and method?
4. Your design. This is a key contribution! What goes before is to provide necessary context in order to understand and appreciate this contribution) 50% of your mark will be based on this section.