Recent Question/Assignment

Course: MARK1130 - Introduction to Marketing
Part 1: (Project Report)
• The choice of company for the project is Seoul Fried Chicken.
• The choice of our product is Cilantro Lime (Whole). The whole Korean style fried chicken basted with Cilantro lime chimichurri.
• Also we need to compare with our company and product with its direct competitor in the project briefly. The direct competitor is
COCO Fried Chicken
• APA Format and within 14 pages.
• Please determine word limit based on the Project instruction
• a table of contents,references ,a bibliography using MLA format.
Part 2: (PowerPoint Slides for presentation)
Within 12 powerpoint slides
Winter 2017
• Written Component
• Presentation
INTRODUCTION - Students have gained knowledge and insight into marketing through classroom discussions, group work, textbook readings, and lectures. They will now apply this information by researching and analysing marketing strategy elements of an assigned topic.
OBJECTIVE: Each group will answer the questions pertaining to their case using the information in the textbook, the topics discussed in class, and your group research and analysis.
REQUIREMENTS: Your report will be one and one-half spaced and should not exceed 14 pages of project text. Include a title page (with the course name, the names of each team members, the group number, the title of the report, the name of the instructor, and the date), a table of contents, and finally, a bibliography using MLA format. Include a table of contents and introduce each section with a heading. You must research your company using at least five outside sources (company web documents count as one source no matter how many different links within the site used) and identify your sources using MLA citation.
Be sure to complete all parts.
ASSIGNMENT - To complete this project you will research, report or analyse, wherever applicable, the following:
1. Provide an introduction to the topic under study and your assessment to the underlying marketing orientation of the company under study or of the product under study. Try to use a company/product that is active in the Edmonton area. Provide evidence to support your assessment.
2. Describe the current target market using all appropriate segmentation bases.
3. The specific anticipated behaviour of the target market (consumer purchase decision process and influences).
4. What are the marketing mix elements in your topic’s marketing program? Describe in detail the product, place, price and promotional elements of same.
5. A SWOT analysis of the organization as it pertains to the company, product or product line (internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats). Use each external environment element to examine opportunities and threats.
6. Does your company practice socially responsible behaviour in the marketplace? Are they involved in cause marketing? How do these causes relate to the company? Explain and give examples.
7. A conclusion stating what your company should be doing to be successful in the long-run including:
• A new market to target
• A description of a new product extension
• An element of IMC not currently being used that has merit
Be sure to explain the rationale behind your suggestions.
1. You will work as part of a project team.
2. All reports are due by April 8, 2017.
3. Presentations will take place on April 8, 2017.
4. Your presentation will be 15 to 20 minutes long followed by questions and comments. You will present as a team. You can support your presentation by utilizing visuals of your choice. This is a professional presentation. It will start on time. You will dress professionally. You are totally responsible for all technology management issues in your presentation.