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Description You are required to complete the assessment task noted below as a word document and submit your answer electronically through turn it in within LEO; DO NOT HAND IN A HARD COPY Instructions are on LEO. Any work which has been copied or shared among students will result in a Fail grade for all students concerned. This assignment must be in your own words and not copied directly from any source.
: When one entity consolidates another under reporting requirements of AASB 10, it reports the consolidated accounts of both its own as well as the other entity’s assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses, as if they are a single economic entity. Consequently, the consolidation decisions can have significant impacts on the reported leverage, results of operations, and cash flows of the consolidated entity, which can then have major implications on the investors’ decision-making.
In this assignment, you are required to describe the consolidation process based on the merger or acquisition of an Australian listed company where public information are available. (Hint: your discussion should cover all of the following areas)
1. What is the name of the acquiring company and the acquiree?
2. What was the amount and form of the purchase consideration (e.g. cash/equity) and the timeline of the merger or acquisition?
3. Identify any goodwill associated with the transaction. Was goodwill subsequently impaired and if yes, why?
4. Why control was acquired?
5. Provide your opinion on whether the transaction was beneficial for the shareholders of the acquiring company?
6. Critically analyses the advantages and disadvantages of consolidated financial statements. 7. Explain the nature of non-controlling interest and examine the disclosure of that interest in the consolidated financial statements.
Criteria Possible maximum marks Actual marks awarded Organisation:
Engaging introduction provides an overview of topic and content. 1.5 marks
Information and critical discussion developed in logical sequence, with links between sections. 1.5marks
Conclusion provides summary findings 1.5 marks
Content: Defines the situation to be discussed/ addresses the seven areas of requirements 3.5 marks
Critically analyses the cases/ problems in point 3 ~ 6. 4.0 marks
Critically discusses the implications for the corporate group. 4.0 marks
Style: Presentation is coherent and well organized. 1.5marks
Referencing style is consistent with the Faculty guidelines. 1.5 marks
The length of the submitted assignment is within 5% of total (2,000 words) 1.0 Total 20.0