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SITXHRM401 Roster staff
Assume that you own a restaurant and you manage a staff of five full-time employees of equal seniority and ability, and each is on the same hourly rate of pay. The names of your staff are Nicole , Prasad ,Mike ,Judy and George
The following requests have been made to receive specific days off over the next roster period, all of which you hope to accommodate if possible.
Nicole : February.
George: festival.
Requests all Saturdays off in
Requests to be rostered off or on late shifts on Saturdays so he can watch his son play cricket.
Requests the 13th to 16t1) February off (4 days) to attend his sister's interstate wedding.
Cannot work Sundays on the 7th, 14th and 21st February as her husband is overseas on work and she has nobody to look after her young children.
Requests Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th off to attend a Greek cultural
The enterprise requires two staff members for the early shift (0700 to 1530) and two staff members for the late shift (1500 to 2330) from Monday to Friday and only one staff member per shift on the weekends. A third staff member is required for a 'swing shift' (0900 to 1730) on Fridays as it is typically the busiest day of the week.
On the next page you will find the completed first week of a four-week roster. You are required to complete rostering activities
The rostering guidelines are as
• No early shift directly after a late shift except in response to a request for a particular day off.
• Avoid late finishes and early starts around a single day off.
• Staff are to have two consecutive days off each week unless there is a particular request for time off.
• Staff are not to work more than 10 days in a row
• To be fair to all staff, try to roster each staff member on an equal number of early and late shifts throughout the course of
the four-week roster.
To assist you with this task, follow
(i) Use a pencil for this task, as you will need to continually adjust the roster until it all fits together, as per the guidelines.
(ii) Pencil in all staff requests
(iii) Commence with the first employee and looking at the first week of the roster, continue through to the next weeks paying attention to the times of their shifts and requested days or shifts off.
(iv) Continue in the same way with each of the other employees making sure that the enterprise requirements concerning the number of staff to be on duty at any one time are followed.
(v) Remember that staff requests are just that, requests. The staff are employed on the condition that they will be rostered according to the needs of the
enterprise. However, accommodating as many requests as possible will assist in keeping a harmonious workplace.
Key E = Early (07oo-153o)
L = Late (1500-2300)
S = Swing Shift (0900-1730)
RDO = Rostered Day Off
Week One
Name , Monday 25th Jan ' Tuesday 26th Jan Wednesday 1 27th Jan Thursday rriaay 3cItUULIcly 1 .7us macay
28th Jan 29th Jan 30th Jan i 31st Jan
Nicole E E E E E RDO RDO
Prasad RDO RDO E E E E E
George L L L L S RDO RDO
Week Two
Name Monday Tuesday Wec
Feb 1st Feb 2nd F(
Nicole ,..
L ,
Judy George
b 3rd_ Feb 4th Feb 5th aY
' Feb 6th
eb 7th
Week Three
Nicole Prasad Mike Judy George
Feb 8th y Thursday
Feb 9th Feb loth Feb 11th
Friday Feb 12th
Saturday Feb 13th
Sunday Feb 14th
Week Four
Name Monday Tuesday
Feb 15th Feb 16th
Nicole Prasad Mike Judy George
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Evidence Required
• Copy of multiple rosters to meet diverse operational requirements
^ Roster must include sufficient staff to ensure the delivery of high quality customer service within wage budget constraints
Conduct a presentation on the roster you have completed at your workplace in Part B Your presentation must include the following
1. Explain how you develop the staff roster
2. How the roster is presented and communicated to the staff?
3. How to maintain rostering records ?
4. Describe how to evaluate rosters ?
Evidence Requirement
• You must include written information covering all the above points.
• You may develop PowerPoint slides including all the above information and submit to your trainer.
For this assessment activity, you are required to organise with the manager and the person responsible for drawing up the rosters at your workplace. You are required to work with them to plan and draw up a roster for an entire roster cycle (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).
Presentation Guidelines
• Each student presents for 15 min.
• Presenters must use the PC provided .Each PC is configured Windows XP and Microsoft
• Office 2007 including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Presenters must bring any digital presentation materials on a USB flash drive
• and/or CD/DVD. It is strongly recommended that presenters bring a backup of their digital presentation materials on a USB flash drive, CD/DVD, or overhead transparencies, in case their primary digital memory device does not work
• The recommended format for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint 2006 (.ppt), although files saved in older versions of PowerPoint should be compatible
• Computer labs are available for presenters to review their presentations prior to their session.
• Presenters should arrive at their classroom io minutes prior to the start of their session to transfer their presentation to the desktop of the PC and to ensure that it opens properly.
• Visuals should be brief, simple, and uncluttered.
• Focus on important information. Each visual should make one simple statement and supplement what you are saying while the visual is on the screen.
• Use good judgment in determining the number of visuals and balance their contents.
• Although you do not want to quickly flash multiple visuals, you should not spend too
• much time on a single visual either.

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