Recent Question/Assignment

1. Course: MGMT1120
Self Reflection Report: Reflect on and answer the following questions regarding this course project: (Please check the attached document that includes the part I submitted for my project for reference: Completed by Australian best tutor)
1. As you did the actual work of the project, what did you discover about the plan you created at the beginning of the project?
a. What did you plan for effectively?
b. What did you miss in your planning process?
c. If you could start over again, how would your project plan be different?
2. What were your strengths as an individual team member? What were your weaknesses?
3. How did your group handle situations that were “unplanned”? Was your group teamwork effective or ineffective, and why? How would you assess your individual contribution to the sense of team?
4. Did you meet your group objectives for this project (in the absence of knowing your final grade)? Did you meet your personal objectives? Did you meet your planned targets?
5. Identify and discuss any other observations or learning from this project that you can apply to the next time you are on a project team.
The word limit for each part could me 150 to 300 words.
2. Course: CMIS 1150
Locating an easy-to-use, powerful career search site with positions in your career field is an important step in finding your dream job. Whether you are looking for a summer job or a full-time position, online career search sites are the first place to begin a successful job search.
a. Using your favorite search engine, search for two different career search sites. Using each job search site, type in a possible career field to search for the number of openings.
b. Write a paragraph about each of the two different career search sites (list the URL of each site) comparing the ease-of-use of each, and how successful you were in locating possible employment options.
Please use Canadian job sites for the assignment.
final collaborative report must have an introduction and a summary of the results at the end.
World limit 200 to 400 words.
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