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Cross-Cultural Intelligence at the
Tutor-Marked Assignment 01
January 2017 Presentation
SSC263e TMA01
This tutor-marked assignment (TMA) is worth 25% of the final mark for SSC263e CrossCultural Intelligence at the Workplace.
The word limit for this assignment is 1,500 words.
Please upload this assignment to Turnitin by Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 11.55pm. Resubmissions are allowed before this cut-off time.
It is strongly recommended that you make an early submission to check the originality report and, if necessary, make amendments to your document for resubmission. Note that the Turnitin report is usually generated immediately after the first submission, however, subsequent reports may take up to one day to generate. Do note that Turnitin will not accept any further submissions AFTER the cut-off time. There is a 12-hour grace period after the cut-off time, which is not an extended deadline but solely meant for solving any technical problems that you may encounter while attempting to make a submission before the cut-off time. Please email Canvas Support immediately (with relevant screenshots and your TMA attached) and follow up with Canvas Support first thing in the morning to ensure that the problem is resolved before the grace period is over.
One late submission is allowed only if no prior submissions were made before the cut-off time. Do note that the Canvas system will automatically deduct penalty marks for every day that your assignment is late. With this automatic deduction, there will be no need to request for extensions from your tutor because your tutor does not have the mandate to over-ride the Canvas system settings. You will need to form your own judgement as to how many marks you are willing to forego for each extra day that you gain to work on your assignment.
Take care to ensure that you upload the correct TMA document to the correct folder of the correct course. Requests to transfer incorrectly uploaded documents to the correct folder will require an official appeal (and an administrative fee).
Backup your TMA at all times. Once you have uploaded your TMA (in Word document format only), retain the Turnitin digital receipt as evidence of a successful submission. View your submission to ensure that the entire document has been uploaded successfully.
Plagiarism and Collusion
The assignment is to be completed on your own. You may discuss the TMA with your course-mates; however, the assignment must be written independently. Do not share your notes, draft or final TMA with anyone before the marked TMAs are returned to you.
Avoid plagiarism by giving yourself sufficient time to research and understand the material so that you can write up your assignment in your own words. Quotations should be used sparingly. Simply citing the source of ‘copied’ chunks of text does not excuse it from plagiarism. Do ensure that any paraphrasing is done appropriately, even if you use text from your own work that you have submitted as part of another assignment for the same or another course.
The University takes a very serious view of plagiarism (passing off someone else’s ideas as your own, or recycling of contents from your own earlier marked TMA from the same course or another course) and collusion (submitting an assignment which is the same or very similar to another student’s). Both are very serious academic offences. Please refer to the Student Handbook on the penalties of plagiarism or collusion. You are strongly advised to submit your TMA early, check the plagiarism report yourself, and if needed revise and resubmit your TMA before the submission deadline.

This tutor-marked assignment comprises ONE (1) 1,500-word essay (excluding bibliography/references) which is worth 25% of the final mark for SSC263e Cross-Cultural Intelligence at the Workplace.
Please upload this assignment to Turnitin by Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 11.55pm. Resubmissions are allowed before this cut-off time.
Remember to provide in-text citations as well as a list of references at the end of the essay. Please note that up to 10% of your marks go to accurate and coherent writing, and appropriate citation and referencing.
Question (Total: 100 marks)
For this assignment, choose either “Conflict Management Style” or “Non-verbal Communication” to demonstrate your understanding of the chosen concept taught in SSC263e. You are required to expand on the breadth and/or depth of the selected concept by discussing in greater detail the additional insights that you have drawn from a close reading of your selected sources of information. You are to evaluate the strengths and limitations of the sources of information that you have selected for discussion in relation to the assignment.
You are to identify and utilise TWO reference materials, which may be in the following combination:
i. Two case studies from newspaper articles (online or print) or articles from an established magazine (e.g., such as Time magazine, Newsweek etc);
ii. Two journal articles from any of the School’s subscribed journal databases or from Google
Scholar; or iii. One case study and one journal article.
If you have chosen to do either (ii) or (iii) above, the journal articles you selected will count towards the minimum of five academic references required for this assignment.
(Note that this assignment also assesses your competency in finding relevant academic material. You should NOT use one that is already presented as part of the course material or provided to the class by your tutor.)
Using your selected reference materials, discuss ONE of the following concepts:
• Conflict Management Styles
• Nonverbal Communication
a) Explain the selected concept/theory by outlining the key perspectives and arguments based on your understanding of the course material. You are to apply the concept/theory to real-life situation or personal examples to help you articulate and illustrate your understanding of the concept/theory and to avoid repeating verbatim from the course materials.
(20 marks)
b) Identify and critically examine the reference materials you have selected and discuss the key perspectives and critique raised with regard to the concept/theory you have chosen. In your discussion, you should also explain how your materials extend or challenge your understanding of the concept based on the course material (e.g., what additional points/arguments were raised in the two references that have enhanced, broadened, or deepened your understanding of the concept/theory? Is the discussion of the concept based on a specific context or group that you know little about? Have the selected reference materials provided a fresh perspective on the concept/theory that deviate from that presented in your course materials?)
(40 marks)
c) Analyse and distinguish the perspectives and key arguments presented by the materials you have selected to discuss. Depending on your selected materials, you would find it useful to consider some or all of these questions: Which of the two reference materials did you find more convincing and why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the selected materials? Were the arguments well-balanced or biased? Would the arguments/points raised by either or both materials concerning the concept/theory hold true in a different setting or cultural context? Which aspects of the concept/theory were not adequately addressed in your selected materials?
(40 marks)
Write your answers in no more than 1,500 words. Please remember to provide the word count, and list of references.
— End of TMA —