Recent Question/Assignment

Instruction: This assignment consists of four parts. All parts must be completed.
Part 1: Dealing with traffic jams in London (30 marks)
You are given a case study “Dealing with traffic jams in London” which can be downloaded from ISIT950 eLearning site. The project has been described as a success, explain what system development approach would have been used to ensure that the project has been delivered on time and on budget. Explain your answer.
Part 2: National Packaging Waste Database(30 marks)
The National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) is an on-line system, which tracks how much Packaging has been put into the UK market and how much Packaging Waste has been recovered or recycled. It provides an easy way for industry to prove that they are meeting their legal requirements, and this, in turn, helps to prove that the UK is meeting the overall EU obligations.
NPWD replaced a completely paper based system of regulation that had been open to fraud and did not provide the right information at the right time. The problems caused by the paper based system had been identified by the Advisory Committee on Packaging, an industry liaison group with representatives from all the stakeholders in the regime. They secured funding for the project and identified an external software development company with the right skills and experience. However the initial project management contractor’s approach was causing concern for a number of reasons:-
1. Time was short. For example the go-live of phase 1 was set for 11th April and the project started on 16th December.
2. Stakeholders did not feel engaged.
3. The budget was fixed. There was already noticeable “scope creep” and some prioritisation had to be brought into the project.
Your team has been approached to take over management of the project. What system development approach would you undertake to ensure stakeholder engagement, on-time and to budget delivery. Justify why you think your proposed approach will be successful.
Part 3: Analysis of paper (30 marks)
Read and analyse the following article
Nelson, R.R. (2007). “IT project management: Infamous failures, classic mistakes, and best practices”, MIS Quarterly Executive, Vol. 6 No. 2, 67-78
Discuss the influence of system development methodology on IT project failures and what contribution can system development approach make to the success of IT project.
Part 4: Report of contribution(10 marks)
Each student must describe individual contribution to this assignment as well as the contribution of your partner. In your report, you should also reflect what you have learned in this assignment.

Marking criteria
The assignment will be marked based on
• Quality of your analysis
• Quality of recommendations (including justifications)
• Quality of your report (including presentation, grammar and spelling)