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(Note to markers – indicate level of achievement for each row by highlighting relevant text or cell - do not provide a numerical score for each row)
Non-compliant Poor/inadequate Basic Adequate Good Excellent Mark
ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS (out of 60) 0 0 to 29 30 to 38 39 to 44 45 to 50 51 to 60 /60
Critical analysis essay
Introduction to the essay No introduction provided Poor introduction provided, or irrelevant information Basic introduction provided Adequate introduction provided Good clear introduction provided Clear, concise and comprehensive introduction providing essential details
Analysis: Write a critical analysis of the chosen project business case in the form of an essay about the issues that you think are important in the context of the business case for your chosen project.
IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE USE OF THE BUSINESS CASE AND NOT OF THE WHOLE PROJECT. No analysis of the nominated topic Poor or inadequate analysis of the topic Basic analysis of the topic, with limited use of theory to support the analysis Adequate analysis of the topic using appropriate theory Good analysis of the topic using appropriate theory Clear, concise and comprehensive analysis of the topic, supported by appropriate theory, figures and tables.
Conclusions drawn from the analysis No conclusions provided Poor or inadequate conclusions provided Basic conclusions provided Adequate conclusions derived from the preceding analysis Good conclusions derived from the preceding analysis Clear, concise and comprehensive conclusions derived from, and justifiably supported by, the preceding analysis
RESEARCH & ACADEMIC THEORY (out of 30) 0 0 to 14 15-22 23 to 30
Quality of critical analysis - uses appropriate theoretical principles as a framework for analysis No use of theoretical principles Poor or inadequate use of theoretical principles Basic use of theoretical principles Adequate use of theoretical principles Good use of theoretical principles Extensive use of theoretical principles and appropriate application to the project and its environment
Argument is well structured, logical, and well reasoned (compelling) No logical argument provided Poor or inadequate structure and argument Basic structure and argument Appropriate structure and argument Good structure and argument Well structured, logical, and well-reasoned
Figures and tables are appropriately used and adapted in the analysis to clearly illustrate/ compare/contrast theoretical principles with project practices. No use of tables and/or figures where their inclusion is justified Poor or inadequate figures and tables where used Basic figures and tables where used Adequate figures and tables where used. Good figures and tables where used Excellent adaptation of figures and tables where used
Evidence of research is provided to support the analysis and argument. No evidence of research into the topic Poor or inadequate evidence of research Basic evidence of research Adequate evidence of research beyond the study materials and set text Good evidence of research beyond the study materials and set text Evidence of extensive research beyond the study materials and set text to support the analysis and argument
Evidence of knowledge of study materials and general knowledge of the project management domain is provided No indication of knowledge of study materials Poor or inadequate indication of knowledge of study materials Basic indication of knowledge of study materials Indication of adequate knowledge of study materials Indication of good knowledge of study materials Evidence of extensive knowledge of study materials and of PM domain
Quality of resources – evidence of use of research resources from quality sources (e.g. journal articles, texts, conference papers, etc) No use of research resources Poor quality sources of reference materials (e.g. websites, Wikipedia, etc.) Basic quality sources of reference materials (e.g. websites, Wikipedia, etc.) Adequate quality of sources of research Good quality of sources of research Excellent sources of research resources, including journals, texts, conference papers, etc.
Citations are effectively and appropriately provided (and consistent with the Harvard referencing system) No use of citations Poor or inadequate use of citations within the text Basic use of citations within the text Adequate use of citations within the text Good use of citations within the text Extensive and appropriate use of citations to reflect use of theory in analysis and argument
List of references is provided and shows quality sources No list of references Poor or inadequate list of references ( 10) Basic list of references ( 10) Adequate list of references ( 10) Good list of references ( 10) Comprehensive list of relevant references
Harvard referencing system is used and conforms to Harvard style as defined on USQ Library website (e.g. alphabetical order) No use of Harvard referencing system Poor or inadequate use of Harvard system of referencing Basic use of Harvard system of referencing Adequate use of Harvard system Good use of Harvard system Comprehensive use of Harvard system in accordance with conventions of AGPS 6 style
PRESENTATION OF REPORT (out of 10) 0 0 to 4 5 to 7 8 to 10 /10
Page Numbering - page numbering to comply with normal conventions (e.g. see Summers & Smith - Communications Skills Handbook) No page numbering at all Incorrect use of page numbering Limited or basic use of page numbering Correct use of page numbering
Language Skills - grammar, spelling, clear and concise writing style, correct punctuation Very poor language skills Poor language skills Basic language skills Adequate language skills Good language skills Excellent language skills
Word count Significantly over or under nominated word count Slightly over or under word count margins (+/- 10%) Within word count margins
* Total Assessment Mark
(out of 100)
Penalties applied to... Marks to be deducted for... Maximum penalty Actual deduction
Mark sheet – to be attached to front of assignment No mark sheet 10
Turnitin Report – to be submitted with assignment No Turnitin originality report (mark of 1/100 allocated until report submitted) 10
** Total Deducted Mark (TDM)
Overall Results
* Total Assessment Mark (TAM)
** Total Deducted Mark (TDM)
Final Assignment Mark = TAM – TDM (capped at 1/100 until Turnitin originality report received)
Comments and feedback from Marker:
Ways to improve:

The balance of this page should be left blank.
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Make sure your formatting matches the formatting of the mark sheet

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