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Assessment 1: Industry Market Research Project 20%
Due Date: Monday (13/03/2017)
1. Assessment Overview:
Write a marketing report on Gucci Company Brand. Analyze and evaluate the target market of Gucci, and then indicate how they serve their customers’ needs and requirements. Discuss the marketing strategies the company uses; how successful they are and your recommendations for improvements and/or strategic changes.
2. Assignment Instructions:
The following criteria must be included:
- An overview of the company, including company history and business structure
- A detailed description of the company’s target market
- Evaluation of the marketing strategies they use, including where and how they communicate with their customers, how they attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases
Research for this project must include BOTH primary and secondary sources of information.
• Primary sources of information will include your own observations, interviews with the company owners, staff and customers and any other relevant parties (WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE (RETAIL OR ONLINE)? DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT WORKS FOR THIS COMPANY?). Example: I bought a Gucci shirt online with easy and fast delivery, nice packaging. Great website concept. Explain more about the experience shopping on their website and the experience shop in Perth city store in Kings Street Perth.
• Secondary sources of information will include undertaking appropriate literature research on articles that comment on the product and the product’s introduction into the market place.
PowerPoint presentation of 7-12 slides with presentation notes on slides. PowerPoint slides will include all the main point in your report, clear and easy to understand.
3. Marking criteria:
You will be assessed on the following requirements:
• Overview of the company and report conclusion, with key points highlighted 5%
• Critique of company business model in relation to their target market 5%
• Analysis of current marketing strategies in place to bring in target market business, including your own ideas on improvements 4%
• Structure and clarity of report and arguments 3%
• In class presentation, clarity of explanations, ability to engage the group, knowledge of the subject 3%
4. Submission information:
The assessment should be 1500 words in length.
Work is to be submitted by 1pm, March 13th, Week 5, with an assessment cover sheet and each page should be identified with the student’s name and student identification number.
This is a formal written academic assessment. As such, it must be structured in an appropriate format that both conveys the topic of discussion and reflects what is being discussed.
GUCCI part of Gucci Group is owed by KERING
Industry: Fashion
Founded: 1921 in Florance (96 years ago)
Founder: Guccio Gucci
CEO: Marco Bizzarri
Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Headquarters: Florence, Italy
Number of stores: 550+ (2014)
Revenue: $4.3 billion (2016)
Parent: KERING – Traded as Euronext: KER (FRENCH luxury goods holding company owner of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Puma, Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris and other luxury, sport & lifestyle brands in 120 countries)
Principal Sector
• Fashion & Cosmetics
Principal Industry
• Textiles & Apparel
Steeped in glamour, famed for fashionable yet timeless products, loved by movie stars and bequeathed to future generations - few fashion houses can boast as much mystique as Gucci. This storied Florentine company, founded in 1921, has long been inspired by distinguished women of beauty – actresses, princesses and socialites. Today, Gucci is guided creatively by a similar sort of heroine: Frida Giannini, a Roman whose taste, imagination and panache have driven this storied label to even greater heights.
Gucci is renowned worldwide for its fashion authority, Italian craftsmanship and quality, with its exclusive products offered through a selected network of stores.

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