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Assignment Two
Find 5 images of international houses or buildings from 1150s to the present day – that is from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Georgian, Victorian, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernism etc.
Choose a different image from each style era.
Your main objective is to develop an understanding of the different design periods that have influenced the architecture that followed.
You need to identify the historical influences – for example, a Neo Classical building, might have Ancient Greek features in columns and triangular pediment; an Art Deco building might have Ancient Egyptian influences in the use of motifs; a Georgian building might have Renaissance influences in the use of symmetry, etc.
Then you need to identify the characteristic features (exterior only) that are evident in these images. These are the features that are typical to that specific style – for example, a Gothic Cathedral: rose window with tracery; a spire with finial; stained glass windows; flying buttresses etc.
Please make sure your images are clear and the features you mention can be seen. You can list your observations in paragraph or point form.
Pay attention to the architectural style, roof pitch, style of windows and doors, building materials, ornamentation and decorative features.
Through researching each building, you will learn to identify features that were typical of that era.
To confirm, the module has included all the main styles to assist you in identifying influences and features. It has been written in chronological order to help you access the information.
For references, look at examples of buildings from particular eras, each containing their style influences, and Architectural and Design features, and refer to the timelines provided in the examples below which are grouped into two separate zones.
ZONE A - Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa and Singapore
ZONE B - Europe and the UK
Google is the best tool for finding images and helping you identify their style influences and characteristics. When uploading, please insert each image and its supporting description in each of the 5 boxes provided.
Follow the below as an example of layout and what to include. Then write a few lines about its style influences, the features you can see in the image, and the use of its materials.
Raffles Hotel
Location: Singapore
Type: Hotel
Date: 1887-1899
Style: Victorian Colonial
Architect: R. A. J. Bidwell
Relevance: Considered state-of-the-art at the time included modern conveniences like powered ceiling fans and electric lights, a first for any hotel in the region.
Influences: Renaissance
• Classical vocabulary of Renaissance
• Arches and columns
• Symmetrical
• Mixed and adapted with Asian influences
• Designed with tropical architectural features such as high ceilings and extensive verandahs
• Iron – structural and ornamentation
• Glass
• Concrete
• White Carrara marble floor