Recent Question/Assignment

Essay (1200-1500 words)
The relationship between form and meaning is the basis of linguistics. For example, English has a number of negative prefixes (e.g. un-, phonological variations of im/in-, dis-). These prefixes can be attached e.g. to adjectives (e.g. happy - unhappy, changing the meaning (roughly) from happy to not happy). The use of negative prefixes is not always straightforward: consider words such as interested, uninterested, disinterested; or sensible, insensible; or pertinent and impertinent.Using this example of negative prefixes in English (or another one that you discuss with your tutor), discuss the relationship between form and meaning in English and discuss the relevance of this understanding to your area of study. You should discuss your topic with your tutor before you embark on research in the area.
Each student will discuss their findings during tutorial time in Week 11 - 13.
A minimum of 8 references is required for the essay.
Marking criteria for Essay
Demonstrates a high level of understanding of the relationship between form and meaning (10 marks)
Uses sufficient and relevant language examples to illustrate the relationship between form and meaning and discusses them in some depth (10 marks)
Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between the topic (form and meaning expressed in one part of language) and a particular area of study (5 marks)
Essay demonstrates wide reading, is written clearly and has a consistent citation/referencing style (5 marks)
Tutorial presentation is informative and interesting to the audience (10 minute presentation) (5 marks