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Unit of Competency: BSBWHS401 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
Topic: Topic 1 – Australian Workplace Culture
Assessment Task: Task 1.2 - WHS Safety Training Needs Analysis
Assessment Due Date: Week 4 Duration: 2 Hours
Assessment Criteria:
• applying organisational WHS management systems and procedures in the work team area
• applying procedures for assessing and controlling risks to health and safety associated with those hazards, according to the hierarchy of control and as specified in commonwealth and state or territory WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice
• providing specific, clear and accurate information and advice on workplace hazards to work team
knowledge of legal responsibilities of managers, supervisors, PCBUs or their officers and workers in the workplace.
Assessment Instructions to Student:
• Write your name as it appears on your enrolment form in the appropriate area on this form
• Attempt all questions in the assessment.
• All answers to be typed using Microsoft Word
• Use complete sentences, check grammar, punctuation and spelling
• This assessment cover sheet must be handed in with your answers.
Resources permitted during assessment:
• Dictionaries: Standard, Bilingual, Digital
• Electronic devices: Laptops, Computers, Internet
• Relevant Legislation Documents
• Resource materials such as WHS Procedures
Additional Assessment Instructions to Assessor:
Reasonable adjustment: Trainers may make reasonable allowances for learners in accordance with the C&I Learner Support Policy contained in the Participant and Trainer Handbooks. This may relate to the timeframe for undertaking this assessment task in class or relate to an extension to the due date. Consult with the Curriculum & Learning Manager prior to administering this assessment to ensure Learner Support needs are met.

Johann needs to find out the WHS training needs of his team and set priorities for training.
Johann works as a supervisor for Corporate Solutions Civil Engineering Pty Ltd and is responsible for the training needs of a team of eight (8) workers. The workers and their roles are listed below.
1. Marie- Team Administrator and is a Health and Safety Committee Representative (HSR)
2. Felipe - Site Supervisor, Construction and Health and Safety Committee Representative (HSR)
3. Alejandro - Plant Operator heavy machinery and equipment
4. Dave - Head Tradesperson
5. Thi Tuyet - Apprentice
6. Rana - Equipment Maintenance Engineer & Health and Safety Committee Representative (HSR)
7. Jianjin - Quality and Risk Manager
8. Daniel - Qualified tradesperson
Johann takes his role very seriously so he requested a list of the training all workers were required to undertake. Here is the list provided by the HR department:
Mandatory WHS Training Optional WHS Training
WHS Induction Hazardous Substances
Manual Handling Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)
Risk Assessment Equipment Certification
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Confined Spaces
Workplace Harassment and Bullying Explosive Power Tools
WHS Consultation (for Health and Safety Representatives) Plant Operators’ Licences
Risk Management for Supervisors and Managers
1. Using the information provided by HR, fill in the table below identifying the training you think is required for each worker. State why you think this training is needed.
Please also list any thoughts you may have on the background and skills these workers have, as this will also impact the outcome. For example, Has the worker completed the training already? How long ago did they do it? Do they need a refresher? Do they want to change their job and will they need new training? Do they want to be on the Health and Safety Committee?
Please consider the legislation you identified in Task 1.1 when making your decision.
Worker Training Suggested Background and Existing Skills of Workers
Thi Tuyet
2. In the table below, list the costs associated with providing the training you have identified above. Use the internet to conduct your research. Find out prices from a range of Training Providers. Recommend the training providers you would choose and explain why you chose them. Were they the cheapest? Was the training accredited? Was training on-line?
Provide links to the training providers and courses you researched.
Type of Training Name and Link to
Training Provider Number of workers to attend Individual Cost Total Cost

Recommendation: Which training companies would you recommend and why?
3. Using the training needs analysis template provided fill in what options you have available for the problems listed. Once you have done this, list two (2) consequences - one positive and one negative - for each option.
Problem Option
How will I find this out?
WHAT action will I take? Positive Consequences of this option Negative Consequences of this option
How will I Identify what training needs to be done in my company? Ask HR for the training that is required HR will have a list The list may be incorrect
How will I consult with my team around what training they need/want?
When will I provide this training?
What is the best method of delivering this training?
How will I know if the HR list is correct?
When will I know when refresher training is required?
How will I know if I am meeting my legislative requirements?
How will I know when my team needs extra coaching?
How will I know that the WHS training has been successful?

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