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CHCCS500B Assessment 3 V2.0
Assessment 3: Research Report –
Policies and Procedures
Student Instructions
This assessment task has been designed to allow you to analyse information and identify how it impacts on you as a worker in the community service sector.
You are required to write a research report summarising the two different policies and procedures below that are relevant to referral and assessment processes in a community service organisation.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
• Demonstrate your knowledge of assessment and referral practices and the impact of policies and procedures on workers in the community service sector • Demonstrate your literacy skills to communicate complex ideas
• Critical thinking and analytical skills.
In a separate document, describe the following:
1. The purpose of two policies and procedures linked to the policies 2. Identify any laws (state or federal) that may be applicable to these laws
3. Attach appendices to the research report including:
a. Copies of the policies described in the report
b. Any templates or forms or questionnaires that are used by staff in the organisation to implement the policy.
Submission Instructions
Please proofread your work and include CHCCS500B - A3 - Your Name in the document header. Make a copy of your assessment. Submit your completed assessment to your tutor for marking via my.evocca using the following file name: CHCCS500B-A3 Your Name
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