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Assessment 2: Case Scenario – Assessment Interview Preparation and Role Play
Student Instructions
This assessment task has been designed to allow you to demonstrate your approach to planning and conducting a client intake assessment interview.
Part A
You are required to read through the scenario and in a separate word document detail how you will plan and prepare for the intake interview by responding to each of the questions provided below the scenario.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
• Demonstrate your knowledge of assessment and referral practices • Demonstrate your literacy skills to communicate complex ideas.
Submit your completed document to your tutor for marking.
Please include: CHCCS500B A2 - Part A - Your Name, in the document header.
Jacky is a young woman who left school two years ago. She is 17 years old and has been struggling with school work most of her school life. She lived with her mother and stepfather up to a month ago when she ran away from the family home.
Last week she was found unconscious outside a nightclub in the CBD by local police. The police took her to hospital where she was treated for a drug overdose and then they arranged a juvenile justice order to force her to undergo detox treatment in your community organisation.
Jacky told the social worker at the hospital that she ran away from home because her stepfather had been sexually assaulting her since she was 12 years old. She has been homeless for the past month living in an empty warehouse with a group of squatters many of whom work as street sex workers in order to pay for a drug habit that she too has now developed.
You are the caseworker responsible for conducting an intake assessment interview. Write a paper identifying the following:
1. Describe how you would prepare for the intake interview – including the room in which you will meet with Jacky.
2. Describe the sources of information you may have to access to support the assessment process before the interview.
3. Describe the assessment tools you plan to adopt and how this choice reflects the theories of deviancy cycle and competency cycle.
4. List the questions you will ask Jacky at the interview and describe the interpersonal counselling techniques that you will adopt in the interview.
5. Identify and describe any of Jacky’s possible complex and multiple needs and their potential impact on her life activities.
6. Describe any potential referrals relevant to this case and provide a copy of any completed documentation or referrals.
7. Using the policy and procedure on the following website as a guide:,guidelines-and-legislation discuss which policies and /or procedures will inform this assessment.
8. In the event that Jacky’s circumstances change and she has obtained employment as well as secure accommodation, discuss how this change may influence your analysis of the urgency of her need by referring to organisation practice and procedures?
9. In the event that Jacky was from a non-English speaking background and had limited ability to communicate in English, what would you do?
Part B
This task has been designed to allow you to demonstrate how you apply your skills and knowledge to practically conducting an intake interview with your client.
Using the scenario and your intake preparation planning from Part A, you are now required to conduct the intake interview (20-30 minutes). This may be conducted with your tutor acting in the role of the client, or another student. When you are prepared to undertake this assessment, contact your tutor to arrange a suitable time.
Distance students: You may video the role play using your iPad and upload this video for your tutor to complete the observational assessment of how you have applied your skills and knowledge of conducting an intake interview during the role play.
Tip: You are encouraged to practise your role play prior to scheduling your observation for assessment with your tutor.
You will be assessed on your ability to:
• Prepare the environment for an intake interview
• Organise an appropriate time and place for the assessment interview with the client (e.g. tutor)
• Demonstrate communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) required to conduct an assessment including:
- Establish rapport, demonstrating respect and a non-judgemental attitude
- Explain the assessment process and the client’s rights
- Including confidentiality, mandatory reporting (if applicable) consent and complaints procedure
- Use of appropriate non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive language and interpersonal skills
- Demonstrate understanding of the impact of client’s issues on prioritising needs and ability to assist client to identify their own needs and any risk factors
- Provide information about services to clients to assist their decision making
- Gain consent and document assessment outcomes and/or referral to other services.
• Use appropriate assessment tools and processes according to appropriate procedures and processes
• Use of appropriate non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive language and interpersonal skills
• Complete documentation.
The observation checklist that your tutor will use to assess you is available on my.evocca
Part C
At the conclusion of your interview assessment, submit any completed documentation to your tutor. This may include client case notes and completed referrals.
Submission Instructions
Please proofread your work and make a copy of your assessment.
Submit by uploading your completed assessment to my.evocca for marking by your tutor.