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Students will work in teams of 3 to design an alignment for a proposed arterial road connecting Dohertys Rd (Mount Cottrell Vic 3024) west of Shanahans Road to Cobbledicks Ford Rd.
The road is required to connect Dohertys Rd at point P, Q or R as given, to Cobbledicks Ford Rd with the crossing of Werribee River at a point A to D as also given after you nominate your team.
The bridge is not to be designed but details are given to enable the road grading to be designed. Land acquisition must be considered with minimum disruption to properties as the goal.
Alignment design shall cover the full length of the project but detail design is restricted to 1000m each side of the Werribee River
Your team should study street directories, Google Earth or similar, any aerial photographs or topographical maps (e.g. via and should visit the area.
The proposal is to be a four lane, two way divided Arterial Road with a median and design speed of 110km/h. Your alignment should intersect Dohertys Road and Werribee River at 90°±20°.
The connection to Cobbledicks Ford Road is unconstrained except by your design. Care must be taken to ensure the length of the new road is not excessive and that the effect on properties is kept to a minimum.
Your task is to:
• design your team’s proposed horizontal alignment for the full length and sketch it, showing intersection angles, curve information, tangent lengths and chainage at all salient points;
• Prepare drawings showing the horizontal alignment over the 2000m design section, which include Npoint, Scale (bar and written), 20m Chainages (Stations) (reading in direction of increase), Topographic and cadastral base;
• Design a vertical alignment, assuming 1.2m superT beams spanning 30m on the bridge and 1.0m freeboard over a flood level 5.3m above current river level. Show all grades and vertical curve lengths, K-values, Chainage, superelevation, design and NS elevation with an illustration of where the design line sits in the cross section. No bridge design is required;
• Design an unbound granular pavement for a 25y life from opening in 2020
• note and show areas of significant environmental concern;
• note and show areas of any other significant concern;
• calculate and note the total length of the road alignment;
• Design a 2000m length of the road starting 1000m before the Werribee River and prepare cross sections at 20m intervals to define the minimum land acquisition boundaries.
This assignment requires horizontal and vertical alignment design and detail cross sections (over 2000m)
A College assignment face sheet with plagiarism declaration signed by all team members who had significant input into the assignment shall accompany the report.
Submission :
An upload facility will be provided in VU Collaborate for the report and drawings before the submission deadline of 5:00PM Monday 5th September 2016 and will be closed on 12 Sep 2016 at 5:00PM
This assignment may earn up to 30% of the subject marks.
Any submission after the 5th Sep closing deadline may have 1 mark deducted per day late.
NEC3202 Road Design assignment 2016
NEC3202 Road Design assignment 2016