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Course Name: Cert IV Business Management
Code: BSB40207
Subject: BM103 - Business Technology
Evidence technique: Project
Assessment No: 1
Weighting: 40%
Due Date: Week 5
Competency Title: BSBITS401A Maintain business technology
Student Name: Student Number: Student Signature: Date:
Trainer Name: Pinky Gajjar
The purpose of this assessment is to confirm that students have sufficient knowledge of maintain the effectiveness of business technology in the workplace. It includes maintaining existing technology and planning for future technology requirements.
Your assessment will be required to be typed in Arial font size 12 only. You will provide your completed assessment for all of Part One in one document with cover page (included in the beginning of this assessment tool). You are required to professionally format your document including spell-check and indicating each Task answer [e.g. Task 1 (a.) then the answer, Task 1 (b.) then the answer etc.] according to this Assessment Tool Task requirement. You may lose marks if you have not spell-checked your document (as this is a professional formatting requirement, a business skill). Whenever conducting a Presentation, you must always upload copies of MS PowerPoint slides to moodle as evidence for your Trainer/Assessor.
For this assessment you will conduct a series of tasks and collate them into a professional report. Make sure that your report:
• Includes a cover page (see page 1)
• Has a contents list of the material/s you have included in your report.
• Clearly labels each heading to make it easy for the assessor to follow (and mark).
• Add a note to the assessor to explain the relevance of each item you have included.
• Information provided should be current and your own work.
Be sure to properly reference your sources of information using the Harvard referencing system. For more information go to:
1. Harvard Referencing Guide in moodle
2. Ask your Trainer/Assessor to provide you with this information
In order to determine if you are addressing this assessment adequately in terms of competency/comprehension (prior to due date) a draft copy of your assessment should be discussed during class time in consultation with your Trainer/Assessor. For this feedback/ support from your Trainer/Assessor, you will need to bring to class your “draft copy” with any evidence of the research you have conducted to produce the assessment.
Central College accommodates students with reasonable adjustments to training and assessment. This could include variations in course delivery or assessment methodology and it is the responsibility of Trainers/Assessors to coordinate this in consultation with the Academic/Compliance Coordinator or Trainer Coordinator. When making reasonable adjustments to assessments and assessment processes, assessors need to focus particularly upon validity and fairness. If, as a student you feel you have special needs that require your Trainer/Assessor to apply a reasonable adjustment – please discuss this with your Trainer/Assessor at the beginning of the subject studies.
Plagiarism Statement
An intentional or unintentional Plagiarism is deemed by GCA as cheating and is completely unacceptable under any circumstances. It is required that all assignments be referenced using the Harvard System or other approved method advised by your lecturer.
Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO mark for that assignment. This includes submission of assignments that are not the student’s own work or does not acknowledge the work of others.
By submitting this assessment in Moodle, you understand and agree to the plagiarism policy of GCA.
Assessment 1 – Business Technology Page 1

Task 1 – Project Report (30%)
Identify a resource in an organisation that requires updating. This might involve replacement of a current piece of IT equipment or suggestions for a totally new type of system. Prepare a resource proposal that would comply with the organisation’s expectations in terms of information provided to support the proposal.
While it may not be possible to identify all the costs in dollar terms accurately, you must include a reasonable estimate of those costs or types of costs and describe how they would be obtained, calculated and presented.
Start with a title that describes the proposal and its intentions. Include a brief overview and introductory description. This must be direct and compelling so that the reader will continue to read
Then provide the necessary detail in your report:
• key aims, objectives and benefits to be gained/ problems to be solved (proposal statement and rationale)
• research undertaken—methods, sources, verification
• data collected to support forecast
• capital and other resource requirements
• proposed timelines
• back-up procedures
• alternatives considered (lease, purchase options, new vs second-hand-repairs vs new equipment— other methods of solving the problem or exploiting the opportunity)
• financial calculations, assumptions underlying calculations
• capital sources, viability of sources and return on investment timeframes
• risk analysis including the impact of not making the change
• evaluations in quantitative and qualitative terms, impact on other sections/ divisions
• environmental considerations including sustainability
Briefly summarise the necessary information in the table provided below, then format your report.
What is required? Why is it required?
How much will it cost – direct/ indirect – long- short term? Who will support it?
What are the options: buy/ lease/ hire? Where will the capital come from? What evidence do you have to support the proposed technology?
What benefits will it have with regard to customer needs, OHS, productivity etc? What will the impact be should the change not be approved, direct/ indirect – long-short term?
Environmental considerations including sustainability Methods used to make the proposed choice
Assessment 1 – Business Technology Page 2

Task 2 – Oral Presentation (10%)
This task requires student to perform a 10-120 minute oral presentation to present their resource proposal prepared in task 1 to the trainer/class.
Your presentation must include the following:
• Introduction with key aims, objectives
• Benefits to be gained/ problems to be solved
• Evidence to support the proposed technology
• Back-up procedures
• Time and Resource requirements
• Environmental considerations including sustainability

Student Name
Student Number
Unit of Competency BSBITS401A Maintain business technology
Assessor Name
Date of Assessment
The student has provided the following evidence Yes/No Value Student score
Task 1
Explained key aims, objectives and benefits to be gained/ problems to be solved 4
Provided evidence of research undertaken 2
Collected data to support forecast 2
Provided capital and other resource requirements 2
Included a proposed timeline 3
Explained back-up procedures 2
Provided evidence of alternatives considered 2
Conducted A cost and benefit analysis 4
Included a risk analysis including the impact of not making the change 3
Provided evidence of evaluations in quantitative and qualitative terms, impact on other sections/ divisions 2
Considered environmental sustainability in planning 2
Quality of the report 2
Task 2
Introduced the speaker and address the audience appropriately 1
Clearly stated the purpose of the presentation 1
Eye contacts and body language and appropriate voice levels 1
Assessment 1 – Business Technology Page 4

Speed and clarity of speech for non-English speakers in the audience 1
The quality of visual aids including PowerPoint slides, images or videos 1
Introduced with key aims, objectives 1
Explained benefits to be gained/ problems to be solved 1
Presented Evidence to support the proposed technology 1
Explained time and Resource requirements 1
Explained Environmental considerations including sustainability 1
Trainer Comments / Feedback
Student Comments / Feedback
The student’s performance was: ?
Satisfactory ?
Not Satisfactory
Student signature:
Assessor signature:
Assessment 1 – Business Technology Page 5