Recent Question/Assignment

For this aasessment you will need to choose a topic (and i choose the topic DIVERSITY IN AUSTRALIA). Based on the chosen topic you will need to prepare 1000 words on paper and 10 minutes presentation for the class.

Your presentatio will need to

1. Define your topic
2. Outline major issues and controversies
3. Discuss approaches to social justice education in early childhood within the context of the chosen topic.
4. Present materials in an interactive way using multimodal approaches.

5. References aleast 7 all academic please use google scholar APA style.


* complete all parts of the task outlined in an innovative manner.

Uses high level written and visual communication style.

Shows clear understanding and broad knowledge of the topic.

Applies detailed theory and knowledge creativity to chosen topic

Evaluates,reflects and critically analyses major controveraies and issues.

Shows extensive understanding of approaches to social justice education and their application in practice.

Uses broad range of references and links appropriately to support presentation with consistent use of correct style.

Works shows an excellent broad range of graphics to support presentation.