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ACC5216 Accounting Theory
Semester 1, 2016
Assignment 2
Due Date: Friday, 13th May 2016 at 1300 USQ Time
Value: 20%
Important Information
For a student who has undertaken the required study, this assessment should take several hours to complete.
The course specification requires that your submission is your own individual work. You are strongly urged to complete this assessment yourself to receive clear feedback about your level of understanding of the course material. You will find information regarding plagiarism and academic misconduct, such as collusion and cheating in the course specification and on the USQ website.
The course specification also contains information about: o Assignment late policy
o Assignment extension policy
Please ensure that any ideas or data that you provide in your answer, other than your own original thoughts are properly referenced using the Harvard referencing style. A link to the university’s Harvard referencing style page is provided here.
Please reference all material. The bibliography in not included in the word count.
No extensions will be granted after the due date and time for the assessment has passed. All requests for extension must be addressed to the Course examiner at least one day before the due date with supporting documentation (e.g. doctor’s certificate) and a copy of your Word file (even if incomplete) to show that you have attempted the assessment to a reasonable level. Extensions will only be granted in extenuating circumstances. Crashing of computers, too busy with other assignments, heavy workload, and such reasons are not considered extenuating circumstances. Requests for extensions due to work commitments generally will NOT be granted. You must organise your study time around these other commitments.

Read the articles on study desk:
Mining tax
Public Contest through the Popular Media The Mining Industry s Advertising War against the Australian Labor Government
The press and issue framing in the Australian mining tax debate
This assignment is an essay where you are required to relate a practical example to accounting theory.
The essay should include an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography.
Maximum word count 1400 words not including the bibliography.
You should incorporate at least 10 references.
The relationship between accounting research and professional practice has been discussed in the literature (Parker, Guthrie & Linacre 2011).
Using the article provided discuss the following:
• What is the accounting issue relate to this article?
• Who are the stakeholders? Describe each stakeholder and their concerns.
• What is motivating the stakeholders to act in this manner and who will be affected by these actions?
• Using the stakeholders you have identified detail what accounting theory might explain their actions or perceptions?
• Compare and contrast the different theories and identify which of these theories is most important and explain reasons why you think your chosen theory is the most important. • Relate your answer to the link between theory and practice
You should consider accounting theories that you believe are relevant.
Parker, L, Guthrie, J & Linacre, S 2011, 'The relationship between academic accounting research and professional practice', Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 5-14.