Recent Question/Assignment

Select any company of your choice listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Using the company’s financial statements (covering five financial periods) as well as information from other sources, you are required to:

? Perform a detailed ratio analysis covering the liquidity, asset management, debt management and profitability of the company. (presentation of information both in excel and graphical illustration)
? Interpret the analysis.
? Based on your interpretation, perform a SWOT analysis and identify appropriate risk factors.
? Make predictions of relevant information.
? Place a value on the ordinary shares of the company making use of the following valuation methods:
Price-earnings ratio method
Free cash flow method
Net asset value method.
? Make a recommendation as to whether the shares should be bought.

It is important to use the information in such a way that appropriate conclusions can be reached. Before each step consider how it will help you to reach the objectives stated above.