Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Rules for Candidates
1. Application of risk management concepts, tools, and techniques in a global context
2. Ability to understand,design and implement risk management practices.
Individual Assignment
Part A
Using the recent Libor rigging case involving trader Tom Hayes, analyse and commenton lapses
that led to the scandal, elaborating on risks and possible safeguards for such lapses.
(1500 words – 40 marks)
Part B
Using a local example of your choice, explain in detail risks that led to the winding up of a
corporate, the impact it may have had on the industry and controls adopted / introduced in the
(2500 words – 60 marks)
Strategy College of Business and Marketing Page.1
Expectations / Parameters
1. A brief description about the companies, their operations and the nature of the industries.
2. You may also use current statistics as at the date of your analysis.
3. Be creative in your risk analysis.
Word count: Exclude tables, graphs, contents page and list of references.
Strategy College of Business and Marketing Page.2
1. Page layout
- The document must be word processed and must be printed on one side only white
- Margins: 1” from each side (Left/Right/Top/Bottom)
- Paper size: A4
- Orientation: Portrait
- Decorative borders, shading and other effects (including decorative clip art) should not be
used anywhere in an assignment including the cover page.
- The typeface (font) used in the text should be 12 point Times New Roman and for
headings14 point Times New Roman.
- Lines spacing should be 1.5 spaced
- Headings in Bold
- Use footer on every page including the title page and contents page (if used). The
footershould contain the following information only:
Student ID (left justified; i.e. aligned to the left margin) and page number (right justified;
i.e.aligned to the right margin).
- Do not bind the assignment.
- Submit the Complete Assignment & CD secured in a flat file.
2. Cover Page
- Include only the following information:?
Student Name/Strategy Registration No./Module Name / Study Center??
3. Softcopy of the Assignment
- Soft copy of the assignment in a CD in PDF format only. One File per Assignment (zip all the
Tasks into one file)??
- Name the file Eg. EMSCFIN-13-01-Student No?
- Write the Module Name/Student No /your name & contact number on the CD.?
4. General Requirements
- Students who registered for the module can submitted the assignment on the given
- Students should follow lectures for at least four classes to be eligible to carry outthe
assignment. Any assignment which does not fulfill the above criteria will be rejected in
assignment marking process.?
- The last date for acceptance of this assignment is Friday 29th April 2016 before 5.00pm.
Assignments will not be accepted after the last date of acceptance under any
circumstances. The late submission date is Tuesday 31st May 2016.?
- If in extreme circumstances student fall ill a medical certificate must be supplied within 48
hours of the submission deadline and a letter to Strategy Office to explain the
circumstances. ?