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NUR1120 Essay Instructions 2016
REVISED 7th March – Minor changes (in response to some great student feedback – thank you) The changes are in red font, plus highlighted with an arrow.
Offerings: Toowoomba, Ipswich and External (all offerings)
Assessment 2: Written Assignment –Essay (50%) (Learning Objectives 1-5)
Due: 28th April 2016 2355pm
Students must complete parts A and B.
Students are to choose one (1) of the following Australian population groups to answer the essay questions below.
1. Early childhood (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children) 2. Adolescents (Refugee background) 3. Adults (Women/Childbearing) 4. Older Adults (Male/Rural)
Part A: 800 words
Undertake a literature search on your chosen group above. Your search should include:
• The current demographic information within the Australian society.
• The social determinants of health which impact on the well-being of your chosen group.
• The community resources available to support the health and wellbeing of your chosen group.
Conduct an analysis of five (5) of the most relevant resources found.
Discuss the relevance, authority, timeliness and perspective* they provide and how they are useful to your understanding of the health status of your chosen group.
( * A link to a short video called “Advanced writing: Evaluating Sources” is provided for you in Week 3 section on the course activity page, as a guide)
NUR1120 Essay Instructions 2016
Part B: 700 Words
(a) Choose two (2) social determinants of health and explain how they relate to your chosen group.
(b) Discuss how these impact on your chosen group’s health and wellbeing.
(c) Explore current health promotion strategies targeted towards your chosen group within Australia.
(d) Discuss the model of health underpinning these health promotion strategies. Is this model based on a holistic approach to health and well-being? Give evidence from the literature to support your view.
(Focusing on the one Australian population group that you selected)
Number of References: Minimum of 5 and maximum of 10
Submission: Via the Turnitin Link in Study Desk by the due date. Students must retain a copy until all grading is complete. No other submission will be accepted.
Formatting the essay
Please follow these guidelines when writing your essay:
• Electronic typed word document APA Style.
• Use double-lined spacing
• 12 sized font, Times New Roman
• 2.54 cms all margins
• Aligned text left
• Paragraphs should be indented 6 spaces
• Include your name and student number on each numbered page of the essay (you can use a header function)
• Title of the essay provided on line above first paragraph – centred and bolded – student used heading provided.
• Headings only to show Part A and Part B
• Each line of each new paragraph should be indented.
• Introductory and concluding paragraphs are each 100-150 words in length.
• The main body of the essay should be in paragraph style.
• All in-text citations should appear in the reference list.
• A full list of references should be provided on a separate page, and in alphabetical order.
• In-text citations need to correctly used to support ideas (single author, two authors etc) APA Style
• Secondary citations, if any, should be correctly formatted.
• Direct quotes, if any, need to be correctly formatted. Keep direct quotes to a minimum.
• Essay needs to have a level of organisation, and logical flow of ideas.
• Finally, please read and spell check your assignment before submission.
• Total word count (1500)
Process for Assessment Extensions:
1. Re-Check the due date for when assignment is due (it is sometimes easy to get due dates confused across many courses).
2. Contact your examiner directly - this is preferable in an email so that a written copy of your request can be kept for recording. This should be done prior to the due date (48hours is usually acceptable).
3. Send an assignment extension request email - include your name and student number and the name of the assessment item (e.g. online quiz), provide a reason (e.g. personal, medical, and extenuating) as to why you may not be able to complete the assessment item on time. In the case of medical circumstances please provide a copy of a medical certificate - this needs to cover the date in which your assessment was due. In the case of other personal or social circumstances, it may be more appropriate to discuss your situation over the phone to enable the examiner to consider when completing the assessment may be possible.
4. Check your student email - If the extension has been approved then you will receive notification via email as to the new due date. It is the student's responsibility to make note of the new due date on the email and submit their assessment as per the instructions provided.
5. Without prior approval (as per course specifications) a late penalty will apply. The penalty is 5% of the total marks available for the assignment for each working day up to ten working days at which time a mark of zero may be recorded.
6. Emergencies happen!! Contact your instructor for the offer you are enrolled in eg. Toowoomba, Ipswich or External as soon as possible, or contact the Course Examiner.

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