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Appendix 1: Third-party observation checklist – facilitation of group learning
Provide this template to peers and other practitioners to observe your facilitation (Activity 2), and/or use it in observing the facilitation of your peers.
If you have similar forms developed for your practice environment, you should use those forms.
Your name (candidate)
Observer’s name
Number of learners in group Date
Time and duration of delivery
Location of training
Unit/s of competency addressed in training
Did the candidate: Comments Yes No
? use a range of delivery methods and training aids to optimise learner experiences? ? ?
? use interpersonal skills to maintain appropriate relationships? ? ?
? observe learner cues and change approaches where necessary to maintain momentum? ? ?
? use language and terminology appropriate to the industry and language, literacy and numeracy levels of the learners? ? ?
? use learning materials appropriate for the learners? ? ?
? provide and work to a session plan? ? ?
What areas of improvement would you recommend the candidate address?
What professional development activities would you suggest to improve facilitation practice?
Other comments
Your signature: Date:
Observer’s signature: Date: