Recent Question/Assignment

Appendix 1: Observation checklist – watching colleagues assess
Your name
Observer’s name
Person being assessed Date
Time and duration of actual assessment
Permission gained from the person being assessed to be observed
Location of assessment
Unit/s of competency addressed to be assessed
Assessment task being observed
Did your colleague: Comments Yes No
explain the assessment process clearly to the person being assessed and checked for understanding? ? ?
use assessment methods appropriate to the performance criteria being assessed? ? ?
use interpersonal skills appropriate for the assessment process? ? ?
use language and terminology appropriate to the industry and language, literacy and numeracy levels of the learners? ? ?
demonstrate support for the person being assessed? ? ?
advise of review and appeals processes? ? ?
discuss any special needs of the person being assessed and take these into consideration in the assessment task? ? ?
What areas of improvement would you recommend your colleague address?
Suggested professional development activities to improve assessment practice
Other comments
Appendix 3: Professional development plan
Name of candidate
Professional development activity
Type of activity
e.g. mentoring, peer observation, work place visit, networking, training session, conference or seminar, webinar, research, action learning group etc.
Details (who, were etc.) attach details as necessary
Expected date(s) of participation in the activity
Area of professional practice to be developed (e.g. facilitation, assessment, vocational currency)
Expected impact on area to be developed
Resources required (e.g. time from work; cost, involvement from staff, peers, professionals, industry, etc.)
Relationship to current work role responsibilities and practice environment
Comment from others on activity and impact (e.g. peers, senior practitioners, managers, supervisors)