Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment item 4
Your Original IMC Plan
Value: 40%
Due date: 14-Oct-2015
Length: 2000 Quality words
Stream 1 & 2 - All Students.
Develop an ORIGINAL IMC plan for a specific target market (TM) (narrow as you like) that will communicate a product or service (real or potential) to that specific TM for specific results. This will include the development of a campaign and creative to take the identified audience (TM or other influencers) from need recognition to consumption and loyal customer using a variety of promotional techniques, media choices and timing.
You will reflect the theory you have learned in this subject throughout this assessment to produce a report or other mechanism to communicate to the marker your grasp of IMC and its application in the current environment. Feel free to use a work related product or service or one that you dream of launching one day.
Make sure your IMC plan is a good communication in itself - well signposted and structured to ensure time poor executives can understand the key components and actions.
The word limit of this report will require you to utilise tables, graphics, flowcharts, images and other tools to make this a concise and easily communicable report that is targeted at your Marketing Director or CMO. There is no budget restriction on this project.
This report would traditionally be presented in a paper based format, however, given this is a communications subject please feel free to investigate a creative way to communicate and present this report via a web site, video or podcast, blog etc. Be sure it meets the needs of assessment and includes your references.
To utilise this option you will need to submit files/links directly to your lecturer. Ask for a confirmation or reciept to ensure you meet subject terms!
Learning outcomes addressed in this assessment include but are not limited too:
being able to investigate the role of marketing communication in the overall marketing and business strategy;
being able to evaluate theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications;
being able to examine and evaluate various elements of a contemporary communication mix;
being able to critically evaluate marketing communications for a range of organisations and reflect on current organisational marketing by using communications tools; and
being able to apply theoretical frameworks that integrate various elements of marketing communication to a specific organization communications problem to develop an IMC plan.
Marking criteria
There are five important elements to be assessed in the assessment:
The presentation and style of report.
The effort that went into research and the assessment. Have you answered all parts of the assessment task?
Creativity shown in developing a communication plan to solve a business problem/opportunity.
Relating marketing communications theory to practice.
Demonstrated understanding that marketing communications are not created in a vacuum, so contemporary customer needs and media preferences need to be taken into account.
MKT570 A5 /40 HD (85-100%) D (75-84%) CR (65-74%) P (64-50%) F ( 50%)
Presentation /5 Shows a polished and imaginative approach to the topic
Carefully and logically organised
Shows organisation and coherence
Shows some attempt to organise in a logical manner
Content and range, IMC issues and organisational situation
Comprehensive/detailed knowledge of topic with areas of specialisation in depth and awareness of provisional nature of knowledge. Reasonable knowledge of topic and an awareness of a variety of ideas/contexts/frame-works. Has given a factual and/or conceptual knowledge base and appropriate terminology Evidence of limited knowledge of topic and some use of appropriate terminology Lacks evidence of knowledge relevant to the topic and/or significantly misuses terminology
Attention to purpose. IMC plan and model
Has addressed the purpose of the assignment comprehensively and imaginatively. Has addressed the purpose of the assignment coherently and with some attempt to demonstrate imagination. Has addressed the main purpose of the assignment. Some of the work is focused on the aims and themes of the assignment Fails to address the task set.
Recommendations & presentation for client /organisation
Can critically review evidence supporting conclusions/
recommendations including its reliability, validity and significance and can investigate contradictory information/ identify reasons for contradictions. Can select appropriate techniques of evaluation and can evaluate the relevance and significance of data collected.
Can evaluate the reliability of data using defined techniques and/or tutor guidance. Limited and only partially accurate evaluation of data using defined techniques and/or tutor guidance. Fails to evaluate or use techniques of evaluation, or evaluations are totally invalid
Referencing /5 Referencing is consistently accurate. Referencing is mainly accurate
Some attempt at referencing Referencing is absent/
In addition think carefully about the type and style of presentation your organisation and marker might expect and utilise the resources you have available to meet that need. Clearly the presentation requires you to go beyond traditional academic writing to make and communicate your case - think how this can be best acheived. Contact your lecturer if you have any questions.
A holistic, concise, original and informed report on the outlined tasks. Something an organization could implement.
Submission on is required.
I. Cover Page
II. Contents Page
III. Executive Summary
IV. Introduction (what do we want to do and which product we are going to choose)
V. IMC (Integrated marketing communication) Objectives – Make Objective for the products (choose the specific product for the specific company for example Johnson’s Baby Lotion for baby soft skin) – slide 10-2 and 10-3
VI. Target Market – Male or female – adults or children ….
VII. SWOT Analysis (it is not only the chart but we need to talk about opportunity that we have)
VIII. IMC Strategy - Gantt Chart
i. Advertising (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine)
ii. PR (Public Relation) – slide 15-20
iii. Sales Promotion
iv. Personal Selling
v. Direct Marketing – slide 14-8
vi. Interaction/Digital
IX. Evaluations (how campaign is successful)
X. Conclusion
XI. APA Style references