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BCO202: Ecommerce in the Global Business Environment
Assessment Item 3
Description/Focus: Assignment 3 – E-Business Plan – Part II
Value: 35 %
Due date: Friday, Midnight (CST), Week 13
Length: 2,500 - 3000 words
Task: Continue working on your proposed E-Business. In this assessment:
• Use an appropriate environment analysis technique/s to identify at least three sources of competitive advantage for your business. Write this up so a reader of your e-business plan will understand how you expect to use these to achieve commercial success.
• Identify and describe all potential security and fraud issues your eBusiness system might be exposed to. Develop a simple mitigation plan describing how to counter potential security and fraud issues that might impact your E-Business.
Presentation: Should be written in report style format including dot points and graphical aids where necessary for clarity.
Assessment criteria: 1. Can identify, retrieve, evaluate and use relevant information and current technologies to plan and execute the task.
2. Is an efficient and innovative project planner and problem solver, capable of applying logical and critical thinking to problems across a range of disciplines.
3. Provide an excellent summary of relevant data.
4. Demonstrates good written, numerical, technical and graphic communication.
5. Excellent ability to interpret complex data, to appraise evidence, evaluate arguments and to formulate and express very sound conclusions.
6. Critical analysis of the impact of internal and external E-Commerce on the enterprise.