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Your Original IMC Plan
Value: 40%
YOU CAN SELECT The Coca-Cola Company, i have attached one document with this email. my teacher send it to me this.
Due date: 16-Oct-2015
Return date: 06-Nov-2015
Length: 2000 Quality words #16571
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Stream 1 & 2 - All Students.
Develop an ORIGINAL IMC plan for a specific target market (TM) (narrow as you like) that will communicate a product or service (real or potential) to that specific TM for specific results. This will include the development of a campaign and creative to take the identified audience (TM or other influencers) from need recognition to consumption and loyal customer using a variety of promotional techniques, media choices and timing.
You will reflect the theory you have learned in this subject throughout this assessment to produce a report or other mechanism to communicate to the marker your grasp of IMC and its application in the current environment. Feel free to use a work related product or service or one that you dream of launching one day.
Make sure your IMC plan is a good communication in itself - well signposted and structured to ensure time poor executives can understand the key components and actions.
The word limit of this report will require you to utilise tables, graphics, flowcharts, images and other tools to make this a concise and easily communicable report that is targeted at your Marketing Director or CMO. There is no budget restriction on this project.

This report would traditionally be presented in a paper based format, however, given this is a communications subject please feel free to investigate a creative way to communicate and present this report via a web site, video or podcast, blog etc. Be sure it meets the needs of assessment and includes your references.
To utilise this option you will need to submit files/links directly to your lecturer. Ask for a confirmation or reciept to ensure you meet subject terms!

Learning outcomes addressed in this assessment include but are not limited too:
being able to investigate the role of marketing communication in the overall marketing and business strategy;
being able to evaluate theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications;
being able to examine and evaluate various elements of a contemporary communication mix;
being able to critically evaluate marketing communications for a range of organisations and reflect on current organisational marketing by using communications tools; and
being able to apply theoretical frameworks that integrate various elements of marketing communication to a specific organisation communications problem to develop an IMC plan.