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Activity 1
1 Briefly explain what is meant by SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and able to be tracked in time.
2 Goals should also contain stretch components. What does this mean and why is it important?
Activity 2
1 How can organisations plan to achieve their goals?
2 What is the purpose of an operational plan?
Activity 3
1 Identify three work tasks and relevant key performance indicators for a food attendant position in a casual bistro.
2 What is typically included in a performance assessment/ appraisal and who is involved in the process?
Activity 4
What should supervisors/ managers consider when monitoring and improving workplace operations?
Activity 5
1 How can organisational continuous improvement plans contribute to improved sustainability of day-to-day operations?
2 How can team meetings be used to identify possible areas for improvements to work practices?
3 Describe ways to encourage team members to suggest improvements to sustainability practices.
4 What interpersonal skills or techniques could leaders use to enable them to encourage employees to contribute to improving the sustainability of day-to-day operations?
Activity 6
How can managers assist employees to prioritise their workload?
Activity 7
1 Why is delegation, when done appropriately, a useful management tool?
2 What must be considered before delegating tasks to others?
3 Why is it important to recognise and reward employees for work well done?
Activity 8
1 Explain how a wages budget affects roster development. Make note of any special provisions that need to be considered in regard to budget requirements.
2 What type of preparation is required prior to recruiting and selecting new staff?
3 What steps should you take to ensure you have a complete understanding of your team member’s individual skills?
4 List five periods or events throughout a calendar year where the need for accurate staffing levels to meet service demands in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry is crucial and explain why this is so.
Activity 9
1 What is the purpose of a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and what is the process involved in conducting one?
2 How can workers’ skills and knowledge be developed?
Activity 10
1 What are the benefits of providing feedback to individuals on their work performance?
2 List five underpinning principles of a fair and equitable performance appraisal system.
3 Why should performance appraisals be documented and what should be included in the documentation?
Activity 11
1 What leadership behaviour could encourage team members to be involved in decision making?
2 Why is it advantageous to encourage involvement from team members?
Activity 12
1 Briefly explain one of the tools that can be used to generate alternative solutions to problems. Include the advantages and disadvantages of using the tool.
2 How could you determine which technique or combination of techniques would best suit an organisation’s needs?
3 How could team members contribute to the decision making process?
Activity 13
1 What is the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of solutions?
2 How could the effectiveness of solutions be monitored?
3 If the feedback from monitoring indicates that a new process is not working as well as you expected it to, what action could you take?

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