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Professional Report.
Critical consideration of practical HRM issues of current importance
Written Assessment: REPORT
Weighting: 60%
Length: Approximately 3000 words
Objectives: Addresses all objectives
As a human resource manager you have been asked to write a report providing guidance for your manager in dealing with issues in contemporary human resource management that you think are important.
You will select 3 of the following 6 contemporary issues that you think are especially important, and justify your choice of issues. For each issue you select you outline different approaches to the issue and consider factors affecting when and how they could be APPLIED .
1. Engaging people and managing their expectations
2. Establishing a flexible workforce to deal with change
3. The importance of managing knowledge to create a learning organisation
4. Ensuring that the organisation operates ethically and lawfully
5. Dealing with the high level of diversity in the Australian workforce
6. Consider ways that an organisation can be more competitive in attracting staff.
The report will involve a critical assessment of the relevant theory and it will use this to support suggestions for dealing with this selected issues in practical ways, where possible. Your report will use at least 15 up-to-date peer reviewed references. You may use additional textbook and web site references provided the information is reliable (for instance, government or company web sites).

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