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Here is the attachment of the paper.. Everything is neede to be done in the same way which your expert did in the research paper of Interest rate swap. Just replicate this paper and we are only concerned... Instruction is to enter the transaction and do new trail balance along with customer balance and suppliers as well......HC1041 IT for Business Individual Assignment Worth 30 marks due Friday Week 101500 wordsScenario You have been asked to explore three database alternatives for a merchant who provides shoes to retail stores....hello can you help me wih sql queiriesBCO6603 Semester 1, 2013ERP Systems: Assignment 3Research ReportAssessment: 30%Due Date:See instructions in Blackboard“Integrate, Optimise, and Informate “Davenport, Harris and Cantrell (2004)...Assignment 3: Individual Assignment - Problem Solving AssignmentTask Description:This assessment will require you to conduct financial statement analysis based on your financial ratio calculations as well...Assessment 2 Description/Focus: Case Study Analysis Report – Cultural Change To be performed individually Value: 45% Due date: Week 12, Midnight (CST Darwin time) Length: 2000-2500 words (excluding...Assessment 2: Group IR Dispute Analysis – Presentation and written handout maximum 3000 words- Written Assessment.Total marks allocated – 30% For this assignment students are required to...Hello there can you look at the attached Australian tax questionsthat relate to 2012 financial year, see if you can helpOn 3 August 2011 Ross Creek Ltd declared and paid a dividend of $10000 from profits earned prior to its acquisition by Sebastopol Ltd. The directors consider that the value of the investment in Ross Creek...3 attachmentsAssessment item 4Project Scheduling and BudgetingValue: 20%Due date: 28-May-2013Return date: 18-Jun-2013Submission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskBackgroundThe WBFK Transport Company operates...LengthTask 2: 2000 words (maximum) exclusive of appendices, diagrams, tables, references etc.Task 3: 300 words maximumThis assignment deals with the material covered in Modules 6 to 10 (inclusive).Task...CIS 2002 – Assignment 2 SECTION A (Data Modelling) (10 marks) MARKING CRITERIA 1. Entities – no missing entities, appropriate names, no redundant entities, etc. 2. Cardinalities and optionalities...please checkHi,Does your company have the skills to complete this assignment?Kind regards,ChrisAssignment - Corporations Law(40 marks)Pandora Diamonds and Gems Pty Ltd is a company engaged in the business of importing, wholesaling and retailing jewellery nationally all across Australia. Andrew,...ACC202 Management Accounting Student assessment: There are two parts to the written assignment, please read all of the following:Attached to this Assignment Requirement Specification is an Academic Article...Assignment 1 – DUE Week 6 – 03 May 20131500-2000 words plus a bibliographySMART Objectives and GoalsCompare and contrast the following TWO companies in relation to the following:1. A vision...Assessment 2: Business Marketing Plan Activity Type