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FIN303Financial ManagementAssignment 2 - Individual Assignment / TMA 2July 2014 PresentationIndividual AssignmentThis assignment is worth 25% of the final mark for FIN303 Financial Management.The cut-off...FIN303Financial ManagementAssignment 1 - Individual Assignment / TMA01July 2014 PresentationIndividual AssignmentThis assignment is worth 25% of the final mark for FIN303 Financial Management.The cut-off...BUSINESS AND CORPORATE FINANCE (BBAC602)Case Study Assignment (Group of Four)Due Date: Session 6.1 Weighting: 50 Marks (25% Weighting)Bidding for a large infrastructure project – Understanding project...Assessment Value: 20%Word Length 1500- 2000 wordsDue Date – ThursdayInstructions:Obtain a copy of a written contract that is available in Australia from the net or another source. For example you could...Decision making ( cognitive bias) based on this presentation. i have to write report each section minimum 800-1000 words.Executive Summary: ideally one page but no more than two.Sections 1: Introduction...HI5018 BUSINESS LAWTRIMESTER 2, 2014Assignment 2 – Case StudiesAssessment Value: 20%Word Length 1500- 2000 wordsDue Date – Friday Week 10 by 5pmInstructions:Obtain a copy of a written contract that...The data set you need to do the assignment can be found in the spreadsheet “Data for Assignment 2”.You will need to complete the following tasks in SPSS and then submit the following files online under...MAN1600 Information Systems for Business ON Semester 2, 2014 AssignmentTo be submitted: In Lab week beginning 13th October This can be done in groups of up to four students.Assignment TasksAll solutions...Assignmnet of EconomicAssignment (Written report): 25%1. Organize yourselves into groups. Each group is to have Four or Five members.2. Groups need to choose a topic from the list of topics provided by...HOLMES INSTITUTEFACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATIONHI6007 SPSS Assignment 02Due Friday 4pm week 11WORTH 30%The data set you need to do the assignment can be found on Blackboard in the folder “Assignments and...Accounting for Business Decisions –HI5001Trimester 2 2014The assignment allows students to exhibit their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter of Accounting. The students will use the skills...2A: ARTICLE ANALYSIS (10%)Read the article: How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management (You will find the full version of the article via...get solutionASSESSMENTS FOR THE INDUSTRY BASED INTERNSHIP PROJECT – INFORMATION FOR STUDENTSSummaryThis elective has 6 assessment items as follows:Part 1: Individual E-portfolio 1500 words = 15%Part 2: Work Based...Please check the attached assignment and let me know the priceAssessment item 3IMC AccountValue: 40%Due date: 20-Sep-2014Return date: 13-Oct-2014Length: 2000 words (excluding references and appendices)Submission method optionsHand delivery (option applies to Internal...BULAW 3731 Income Taxation Law & PracticeAssignment: Semester 2/2014INSTRUCTIONSThe Faculty of BusinessSee the Instructions and Assessment Criteria in the Course Description and make sure you follow...Assessment 3 – Research and Application Report (50%)This report must show knowledge of both concepts and their practical application in one area within Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC). The Research...Project Scheduling and BudgetingValue: 15%Due date: 24-Sep-2014TaskBackgroundThe WBFK Transport Company operates throughout mainland Australia. The company specialize in fast delivery of pallet-loads of...COIT 20235 Business Process ModellingCase Study Report Assessment Details Term 2, 2014Due date: 1:00 pm AEST, Wednesday, Week 12 ASSESSMENTWeighting: 55% 3Length: 5000 words ± 10% (excluding title...

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