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Marked out of 100 – Weighting 20%Due Date – refer to StudyDeskAll assignment submissions must be completed individually via your study desk. Collusion and cheating is considered to be a very serious issue...Assignment 2Value: 17%Due date: 26-Apr-2015Return date: 20-May-2015Length: 3000Submission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskQuestion 1 5%Critically evaluate the business risk audit methodology.Question...AUDITING- ACC568Assignment 2Value 10%Due date 20-Apr-2015Return date 4th May-2015TaskCreate 20 objectives questions with explanation to the answer of those questions....And you should put at least five...You need to prepare a 1000 words essay as per the attachmentIndustry research paper 1 – second assignment specificationDue date: See your study DeskValue: 35%Structure: Industry research paperObjectives copy document of objectivesThe course objectives met by this...In addition to the four (4) designated extracts you will need to paraphrase, summarise and reference in your essay, you must also paraphrase, summarise and reference two (2) relevant, reliable and current...Assessment 2: The Importance of Maintaining Health and Healthy Lifestyle Practices - Short Answer Questions Weighting: 30% Word count/duration: 1000 words Due Date: Week 10 Friday 1st May 2015, 1700hrs...ASSESSMENT TASK 1: DESCRIPTIONYour assignment is to: Appraise the strategic direction Rio Tinto is taking with their ‘Mine of the Future’ project within a framework of the theories and concepts studied...ITECH 1000/ITECH 5000 Programming 1 Assignment 1 2015 Sem1Assignment 1 – Development of a Simple Menu Driven Text AdventureDue Date: 4pm, Thursday Week 7 (see Course Description for further details) Please...BLO2206 TAXATION LAW AND PRACTICEASSIGNMENTSEMESTER 1 - 2015INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTSLength: Total word length should be approximately 2000 – 2,500 words. It is in the discretion of students the word length...Question 1Red Mine Pty Ltd (Red) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM Limited (GML). Red has few, if any, assets of its own. In 2010, an employer of Red went on to the land adjoining its mine site and left...You are to submit a literature review on the topic of the international harmonisation of accounting standards. Module Three will provide further information on the harmonisation project. To do this, you...Analysis & Develop e- commerce website for the following business category:The company is a manufacturer who markets sells customizable electronic goods directly to the publicCIS8004 Enterprise Planning and ImplementationSemester 1, 2015Report 1 SpecificationYou have been hired as an Information Systems consultant to examine IndianRailways Information Systems – specifically...Please checkNormative theories of ethics2500words Task: Critically analyse and discuss the use of consequentialist and non-consequentialist theories for making moral decisions in an organizational context.In answering...Please check the filesCIS8000 Global Information Systems Strategy Assignment AAssignment AEmail submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstance.Learning objectivesThis assignment specifically addresses the following learning...Please provide me the solution for this question.Please provide me the solution for this question.