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Assessment 2:Weighting: Written Report 20% and Oral Presentation 10% = 30%Length: 3000 words for Report. 10 minutes for Presentation.Due Date: Week 11 (By Fri by 5 pm) for Written reportPresentations =...Assignment 2ObjectivesThis assessment item relat. to the course learning outcomes numbers 2, 3 and 5.Assessment taskRead -10 Ethical Issues Confronting IT Managers- article by Jeff Relkin ( specificationsIt will be necessary for students to use literature/online resources to complete this assignment, so please ensure you cite and reference any such materials using the Harvard format....JOURNAL 2: Write a report of 1000 words to demonstrate your understanding of the implementation aspects of digital innovation in the selected organisation/Business.Your journal should cover following aspects:1....Appendix 1: Individual AssignmentAssessment weight 25%Duration 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes 0 & AAim To acquaint students with current issues in auditing and enhance oral communication skillsIn...FIN5EQS - Semester 2, 2016 - Semester 2, 2016Document dated 3 Sept 2016Assessment 2 is a group assignment and is worth 25% of the unit grade. Groups are to consist of 4 members and you are to form these...Intelligent Web News MiningProject Description – In this project, students are to design intelligent web news mining software. Students will be provided with initial web news data taken from an online...Automatic Control II, 2016 Assignment OneDue: 5pm Friday week 7 (9 Sept 2016)1 Magnetic levitationConsider the classic magnetic levitation system of a coil supporting a steel ball (Figure 1). In such systems,...Assessment 3 Research and Argumentative Essay Due Date: 5 pm Monday 12 September 2016 (Week 9) What is burnout and what factors contribute to an employee’s perception of burnout in the workplace (e.g.,...HI5002 Finance for BusinessGroup Assignment Trimester 2, 2016Assessment Value: 30%Instructions:1. Maximum number of students in a group is four (4). No less than 3,000 words assignment.2. This assignment...Assessment item 3Problem questionsValue: 20%Due date: 12-Sep-2016Return date: 06-Oct-2016Length: 1500 wordsTaskYou must answer the two problem-type questions below, using the ILAC (Issues, Law, Application,...• A section (no more than 750 words) on research into self-efficacy on a topic of your choice. For example, there is research on self-efficacy and nursing, sports, business, IT, rock-climbing and many...TaskCase StudyYou are the audit senior for the audit of Nirvana Produce Pty Ltd (NP), a large wholesale fruit and vegetable supplier. NP operates out of a warehouse and office near the fruit and vegetable...Assessment details for ALL studentsAssessment item 2—Assignment 2Due date: Assignment 2 Due Friday (30 Sep 16) 11:45 PM AEST ASSESSMENTWeighting: 30%Length: NA 2ObjectivesThis assessment item is designed...Provide short answers to the following six questions. Your answers should be clear, concise and to the point. Prepare a single document (MS Word )along with title page and submit it online to check plagiarism.Question...Assignment 2: MARIE & ISAExplain each step by stepTask1. A digital computer has a memory unit with 16 bits per word. The instruction set consists of 122 different operations. All instructions have...ITC505 assignment 2 templateWORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE should be clear TOTAL =- 80 marksDevelop a charter for the RALS Rostering project including:Include the project description and overview you have developed...Assignments for CIS8010 for S2-2016Due Date: Assignment 3 (16 Sep 2016) Assignment 5 (24 Oct 2016)Value: Assignment 3 (35%) Assignment 5 (35%)SubmissionEmail submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstances....HI6028 Taxation, Theory, Practice &LawT2, 2016 ASSIGNMENT 1Due date: Week 8Maximum marks: 20 (20%)Instructions:This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in both soft-copy (Safeassign – Bb)...plz click on this link to check the details for the assignment